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Crystals for Winter + Seasonal Offer

December 18, 2019

If you like crystal healing, then why not try incorporating these three gems into your routine. Tiger’s Eye Tiger’s Eye makes the perfect Amulet, something you can wear or carry with you, so you can access the crystals healing energy at any time. Like the cat it is associated with, Tiger’s Eye brings about determination […]


Selenite: A Powerful Healing Crystal

August 29, 2019

Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals, for its ability to open the crown chakras to spiritual guidance, and for anchoring very fine vibrations on Earth, providing enlightenment and clarity. History Selenite is associated with Greek Goddess Selene; it is said that she travelled across the sky to get to Endymion – the love […]

Citrine Crystal

Citrine Crystal – A Summer Gem!

July 3, 2019

Citrine is the perfect crystal to work with this summer, it’s an affordable stone that has fantastic sunny energy, bringing luck and good fortune to those who wear and work with it. It is very much a crystal for the happy care free days of summer and holidays, when it is all about living in […]

Sapphire Healing Crystal


May 18, 2018

Sappheiros is the Greek name for sapphire, which simply means ‘blue’. It has been known for years as a royal gemstone, and is often seen in royal crowns, jewellery and robes. But it is also a highly prized stone for individuals for its rich and magical history and qualities of prosperity, wisdom and inspiration. The […]

Celebrities and Crystals

Celebrities and Crystals

April 5, 2018

Victoria Beckham has long been known for her love of crystals, both using them in her home décor as well as carrying them on her person. But now it is thought that she is continuing this through to her business as well, she likes to have positive vibes from pink quartz as a prerequisite to […]

Turquoise Crystal

Christmas Offer + Turquoise December Birthstone

December 1, 2017

Were you born in December? If so, you will likely already know that Turquoise is your birthstone. But the Turquoise stone is associated with many properties which would be beneficial to anyone, particularly around the holiday season. Turquoise Properties Prosperity and good fortune, happiness and success are just a few of its abilities. It is […]

Crystal Ball Scrying

Crystal Ball Scrying

June 29, 2017

Crystal Ball Scrying is perhaps exactly what we picture when we think of a psychic reading. It is often a place where a beginner starts; you can pick up antique crystal balls, but it is probably best to avoid using them for scrying and keeping them for decoration, to avoid picking up any past energy. […]

Rhodochrosite Crystal

Love Crystals

June 3, 2016

Rose Quartz Rose Quartz is the most obvious choice as a love stone – it can help you to attract and express love. It carries with it the energy of unconditional love; it will aid you to feel strong in your love for others and will let you open up your heart more. If you […]

Crystal Ball

Spirit Ball Protects

December 11, 2015

In Europe in earlier centuries people wanted protection from the Evil Eye. This was done with an image of a staring eye and a small mirror; the hostile eye would see its own reflection and be defeated by evil rebounding onto itself. However as a single mirror could only be pointed in one direction, this […]



July 17, 2015

Wearing an amethyst stone will sharpen your mind; it acts as a cleansing crystal to promote harmony and balance in the individual’s life. The stone is great when a person needs to steady their emotions so that their life goals can be met. If you want to enhance your psychic abilities then amethyst would be […]