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Fran, thank you very much for your lovely readings, your patience and your positivity. They always help me to keep positive and have faith. You have an amazing gift.


Sandra PIN: 2662 is excellent. I have had years of readers. Sandra is the 2nd reader I have ever had that is 100% spot on. I didn’t need to say much. One or two sentences initially and then everything she said was astounding. She knew everything about me, family members, work, and names. Wow…I hope she remains with this company as I WOULD LIKE ANOTHER READING IN THE NEXT 3 MONTHS. I feel I connected with this lady. Thank you Sandra, you are extremely gifted, you are the real deal! You have something extremely special. I felt my money was well worth every penny. You have given me peace because I now know more than meets the eye. I have peace because you have revealed the bigger picture of my life. Thank you Sandra.


I can confirm that I have spoken to Fran on a few occasions. Fran is a very easy going and comforting person. She provides clear guidance and is very intuitive, she can actually pick up on quite a lot of issues that surround the person having the reading and I have always kept a written note of her guidance and advice from my readings. When I have re-read my notes I have found them to be insightful and they are a source of constant guidance.

Fran has been reading for me for just over 10 years and she continues to astonish and amaze me. My first reading with her moved me to tears as she described with such detail my deceased Grandmother; events and information that proved to be both invaluable and undeniable. She has incredible healing powers; six years ago after a routine operation went horribly wrong, my father was on a life support machine and his doctor told us to prepare for his death. Fran insisted he would survive as 'he had more to do on this earth yet'. She never swayed from her faith in her guides and kept us all going with her belief and hope for the following six months as he was in and out of intensive care. We will celebrate his 86th birthday with him at the end of this month and the doctors say his recovery 'was a miracle'. Fran's support and faith is a blessing in my life and she has kept my entire family uplifted, inspired and faithful at various difficult and challenging times in the last decade. I could write so many more miraculous details she has imparted to us that could fill an entire page! Thank you Fran for your divine gift and for sharing it with me.

I have been having readings from Fran for several years and feel she is one of The Gift's best readers. I have had readings with most of them!!! Fran is the only one I always come back to. She's the most sincere reader I have ever had readings from and made me feel confident in her ability as a medium. She picked up on situations around me regarding love and work situations - spot on! Her predictions are very precise as are her timings. You come away feeling much better about the situation and knowing that what Fran has said will transpire. Thank you Fran, you are a lovely reader and I trust what you say.


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