Pre-Pay Readings FAQ

To Set Up Your Account

To set up and use your Pre-Pay account, please phone one of the below numbers and follow the menu prompts.

0808 156 4920

0113 732 0631 (+44 113 732 0631) from outside of the UK


Select number 2 to create a new account (once set up, on future calls - you will select number 1).

You will be asked to confirm if the number you are dialling from, is the one you want associated with your Pre-Pay account.

Next, create a 4-digit PIN code (you will need to take a note of this).

The system, will automatically generate a 5-digit Account Number for you (please take a note of this also).

When you use the service, if you are calling from the same telephone number, you will just enter your PIN code. When calling from a different telephone number, you will need your Account Number and PIN code. When you use our Pre-Pay service, you can choose whether to store your card data or not.


The service costs £1.50 per minute maximum. When you purchase £60 worth of minutes or more you will receive 10% extra free bonus minutes:

20 Minutes £30   0808 156 4920
40 Minutes £60 With your bonus minutes your total will be 44 minutes. 0808 156 4920
60 Minutes £90 With your bonus minutes your total will be 66 minutes. 0808 156 4920
100 Minutes £150 With your bonus minutes your total will be 110 minutes. 0808 156 4920

When you are topping up your account, you will need your debit/credit card at hand. The system will guide you through the information needed.

You have the option of storing your card for future use (although you will still need to confirm your CVV number on future transactions) for added security.

Your bank statements will show transactions from i4c Psychic Readings Ltd.

To Use Your Account

Call 0808 156 4920 or 0113 732 0631 (+44 113 732 0631 if outside of the UK) whenever you want to use your pre-paid minutes.

The telephone call prompts will ask you to enter your account number and pin number as required.

At this point you will be advised of the amount of minutes remaining on your account and you will have the opportunity to top up your account if desired. In the event that you only have 5 minutes or less remaining on your account you will be put straight through to the top up menu.

You can check the availability of our readers by clicking here. Use the readers pin number to access the correct reader. In the event that you do not mind which reader you have a call with, just hold the line and you will be connected to the next available psychic.

Call Duration

With the pre-paid service, you control the call duration, for example you could have a call lasting as little as 5 minutes, and the call can last for a maximum of your pre-paid minutes balance.

Should your account get to within 2 minutes balance when you are on a call, you will hear a warning. At this point, you have the option of just using up the 2-minutes and ending the call. Or you can top up your balance mid-call, your reader will be placed temporarily on hold. You choose one of the 4 top up options and confirm your CVV number or give new card details. Once payment is successfully taken, you will be reconnected with your reader to resume the call.


Please try and keep your account and pin number safe and secure, but in the event that you do lose or forget them then please email us at [email protected]

We will then endeavour to retrieve your account information. Please be advised that this service only operates between the hours of 9am-5pm and that a response may take up to 48 hours