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Celestite Crystal


April 17, 2015

Celestite or Celestine as it is sometimes known is a soft blue mineral with an ethereal quality – it is a great stone for meditation, quiet contemplation and it has a calming and uplifting effect. One thing that you would not expect from this stone is its use in fireworks and flares, in total contrast […]

Crystal Healing

January 9, 2015

Lapis Lazuli has been mined in the province of Afghanistan for 6,500 years, lapis jewelry has been found at Predynastic Egyptian sites, and lapis beads at Neolithic burials in Mehrgarh, the Caucasus, and even as Mauritania. The Romans believed that lapis was a powerful aphrodisiac. In the Middle Ages, it was thought to keep the […]


April 17, 2014

Hi, I’m psychic reader Aelissa – PIN: 4444. When I have some spare time I love to work with my pendulums. Most people look at this as a quick fix for a yes or no answer which it can be, but its uses are much more varied than that. The common consensus is that a […]


April 15, 2013

Sodalite is a rich royal blue mineral; its appearance has some similarities to lapis lazuli, but the stone is usually darker and has thin veins of white running through it. Sodalite helps to calm and clear the mind, promoting understanding of one’s life path and reducing obstacles to spiritual growth; it is a helpful stone […]

Selenite Desert Rose

Selenite Desert Rose

March 15, 2013

Selenite Desert Roses (sometimes called sand rose or gypsum rose) are usually created in arid sandy environments such as Mexico, Egypt and Saudi Arabia; through shallow salt water basins evaporating, leaving delicate rose shaped crystals. Due to the stones delicate nature it is an excellent crystal for meditation, helping you to connect to your higher […]


February 15, 2013

Malachite really benefits those that suffer with shyness as it aids self expression. It is a stone for those going through transitional times, it has a powerful ability to cleanse past traumas and reduce negativity allowing you to move forward with positivity. The Egyptians believed the stone would provide psychic protection from the evil eye […]



January 15, 2013

Rubellite is a pink crystal, sometimes called red tourmaline. This stone has great protecting and strengthening effects on the heart chakra. The colour of the crystal can vary from a delicate pink to rhubarb red, and it can sometimes be found embedded in watermelon tourmaline; this colour combination of red and green can be particularly […]


December 15, 2012

Heliodor is the right crystal when you are about to embark on a fresh start. It could help with anything from starting a new job, moving house or a change in your relationships. Heliodor means gift of the sun derived from two Greek words ‘helion’ and ‘doron’. It holds the power of the sun and […]


November 15, 2012

Charoite existence has only been verified since 1978 and so it is not as well known as other crystals. It is only found in Siberia along the Chara River Valley. If you are looking for spiritual inspiration then this is the crystal for you. The crystal is associated with the crown chakra and as such […]

Turquoise Crystal Therapy

May 15, 2011

The turquoise stone is associated with communication and the throat chakra. In order to position the stone over the appropriate energy centre for a prolonged period try wearing the stone as necklace. The stone has been used as a protection amulet through the ages; it will help you guard against outside influences and pollutants. The […]