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Crystal Ball Scrying

Crystal Ball Scrying

Crystal Ball Scrying is perhaps exactly what we picture when we think of a psychic reading. It is often a place where a beginner starts; you can pick up antique crystal balls, but it is probably best to avoid using them for scrying and keeping them for decoration, to avoid picking up any past energy.

Crystal Ball Types

If you can buy a crystal ball in person, then you may find that you are drawn to one type over another. Some people will be attracted to a perfect shape which is flawless and clear in colour, whereas others may prefer something that has a slight flaw in it, a bubble in the glass, or one that is a bit cloudy in parts. Go with your gut instinct in this choice, and find something that you will be able to focus on and use to trigger your intuition.

Prepping the Ball

Before you use the crystal ball for the first time you should take some time to prepare it for scrying. Firstly wash it in warm soapy water, this should get rid of energies of anyone who has touched the item, then rinse the ball and dry it with a lint-free cloth. After the prep, once you begin to handle the ball and practise scrying, you will impregnate the crystal with your own unique energy.


You can decide whether you would like to place the crystal ball on a table in front of you, or whether you would prefer to hold it in the palm of your hands. Pick a comfortable space, a dimly lit room would be ideal. Concentrate on the activity at hand, gaze into the crystal ball whilst relaxing your eyes and after a few moments you should start to see clouds swirling within the ball. You can determine from the colour and shape of these clouds if there is a message for you. In some cases the cloud shapes that you see may inspire visions within the crystal or your mind’s eye.

Possible Cloud Messages

White Clouds: Good luck is coming.

Silver Clouds: Blessings and riches will arrive.

Black Clouds: A difficult time is ahead, but you will learn a lot about yourself during this period.

Brown Clouds: You may find it difficult to decide on a way forward.

Golden Clouds: Fame or achievement may come your way.

Orange Clouds: The next phase of your life will be vibrant and lively.

Green Clouds: You will experience an invigorating period of new beginnings.

Blue Clouds: Travel will come your way; your journey is likely to be by train or plane.

Red Clouds: Risk should be avoided, there are warning signs suggesting care is needed.


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