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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

June 6, 2024

Observance of the Solstices dates back several millennia; there are many sites across the world that have precise soar alignments. Callanish in Scotland is made up of standing stones where the sun rises and sets at Solstice. In New Mexico there is Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon which makes use of directed sunbeams that highlights […]


Signs & Symbols: Springtime Flowers

March 15, 2024

Flowers are often associated with feminine energy and symbolise beauty, youthfulness, peace, and even perfection. During the Victorian Era, flowers gained significant meaning and sentiment and were even used to convey hidden messages. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, especially when in full bloom, flowers have been utilised for rituals and healing purposes throughout history. In […]


Roots of Easter you might not know

April 6, 2023

There are some fun facts and legends surrounding the Easter period that you may not be familiar with: Eostre There is a lovely legend; that a Saxon Goddess – Eostre happened upon a wounded bird. To help the animal get through winter, she turned the bird into a hare! The hare discovered that it could […]

spring equinox

Spring Equinox

March 20, 2023

The Spring Equinox will fall on Monday 20th March in the UK. It is, of course, a significant Wiccan festival. You might also know this event by the name Eostre or Ostara – named for the Germanic Spring-Goddess. This time marks a celebratory period in the calendar as; we welcome new life; and, give thanks […]


Wrapping Presents: Nature Inspired

December 20, 2021

I’m one of those people that loves gift wrapping, or at least the embellishment part if not the actually wrapping up of oddly shaped presents! But by December there tends to be glitter everywhere… Often I buy lovely present toppers only to find that they don’t go with the paper or tags. If you feel […]

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice – Let’s Celebrate!

June 18, 2020

Summer Solstice arrives in the UK on Saturday 20th June 2020 at 22.43. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation Stonehenge remains closed until 4th July. So, a vigil to this site and others to see the sun rise are out of the question this year. History Historically summer solstice would have been a time […]

Christmas Aromas

Christmas Aromas & Seasonal Offer

December 12, 2019

We would like to wish all of our customers a Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year! By way of a thank you for your loyalty, we have a special credit card offer for December 2019. The Offer: £15 for a 10-minute Credit Card Reading. Call: Dial freephone: 0808 156 4933 & quote: […]

Winter Foods

Winter Foods

January 18, 2019

There is no doubt that there is a bounty of food available at this time of year. It is very easy to over indulge during the Christmas period, but January brings with it a sense of renewal and often with us wanting to take a look at our health and eating habits. You may have […]

Christmas Bauble

Christmas Offer + Christmas Memories

December 7, 2018

Christmas Offer Before we get going with this week’s blog post, I wanted to tell you about a Special Offer that we will be running in December 18. In December 2018 a 20-minute credit card reading will cost just £27.95 Saving you £5.00 on every call! To use the offer, call Freephone: 0808 156 4933 & Quote ‘BLITZEN’ You […]