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Spring Equinox

spring equinox

The Spring Equinox will fall on Monday 20th March in the UK. It is, of course, a significant Wiccan festival. You might also know this event by the name Eostre or Ostara – named for the Germanic Spring-Goddess. This time marks a celebratory period in the calendar as; we welcome new life; and, give thanks for the passing of winter, and open ourselves up to fresh experiences.

We have two equinoxes per year, one in March and the other in September. Equinox translates as equal day and night, and around the globe, on these days, the day and night are roughly twelve hours each.

The Pagan Ostara festival was traditionally about balance, signifying equality between night and day; and marking the mid-point between summer and winter. Mother nature, the Sun, Yin/Yang, fertility and life are all welcomed for a new season.

For many, the Spring Equinox is a second chance at a New Year. They may spend time evaluating their life, meditating and finding time for introspection. If any area is out of balance, then; this period brings the perfect opportunity to find equilibrium, health/well-being and vibrancy.

Here are some perfect ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox

Visit a local wood with snowdrops; these flowers are a symbol of hope, surviving even under lingering frosts. Appearing in early Spring, they herald the return of life.

You could plant some potted bulbs of daffodils – their bright yellow blooms are supposed to represent the triumphant return of the sun.

Daisies represent the equinox period, as they close tightly at night and open their ‘eye’ during the day. The name ‘daisy’ loosely derives from ‘day’s eye’. You could purchase some cut flowers, like gerberas and place them somewhere sunny in your home.

Eggs are a symbol; of rebirth and renewal, so; you could do some baking. Easter biscuits and Hot Cross Buns would be perfect for this time of year.

Staying with the theme of eggs, you could use them for crafts. Place lovely painted eggs in a special place in your home to mark the essence of balance and creativity.

As mentioned, meditation is popular at this time of year. If the weather permits, you could try meditating outside in nature. Feel free to add music or incense to create a cleansing space.

Lastly, you may want to try a candle ritual. Ideally, you need one white candle (day) and one black candle (night) of the same size & shape. But feel free to choose other colours that represent day and night in your mind. Place the candles in an area in your home that is special to you. Light the candles; at the same time and let yourself and your family members visit the area, and take time to think about what they want; for the springtime period and beyond.