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Zincite Crystal


Zincite is often an amber-gold colour, but you can also find red crystals, clear and even green. This crystal is mined in Italy, Poland and the USA and is not your typical gem, so it is more likely to be found in specialist shops.

Surprisingly, Zincite is not collected more, as it has a lot to offer – it is great at melding your personal energy, power and creativity, so you can fire up depleted systems and remove blocks to let chi flow naturally.

Chakra Healing

For Chakra Healing, Zincite is best with the lower chakras. Physically, you may work with it to enhance energy and fertility cycles, boost immunity, improve skin and hair condition, chest/breathing complaints and more.

On an emotional level, utilising Zincite after trauma can be very healing. It can provide strength and courage to move through the aftermath of difficult situations, and it may increase confidence as painful memories or experiences are dealt with and put to rest.

Many people turn to this crystal when they want to learn to trust their instincts more and wish to lean into their intuition. It can be very useful, if you tend to procrastinate over decisions, supporting you as you make choices and changes. It has a way of getting you to manifest and bring forth your full potential!

Life Stages

If you are hitting a different life stage: having just had a baby, experiencing grown children leaving home (empty nest syndrome), or are going through the peri-menopause or are menopausal, then this crystal may be of great assistance. It will help you to come to terms with this new life stage and to focus more on the positives that this will bring in future years rather than honing in on what you perceive as a loss. It also has a way of bringing people together so that you can be supported by like-minded people who are similar to yourself. You may find sharing your experiences with empathetic friends to be quite cathartic.

Lastly, some use Zincite to help with phobias. If you want to overcome a phobia that brings you anxiety and holds you back from something you want to experience, working with Zincite can help you get to the root cause of your fears. Then, in turn – you should be able to gently release them.