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Love is in the air: Signs & Symbols


As it is the month of Valentine’s, we will cover love in signs and symbols this month. As the song says: “Love makes the world go around”, and signs of love are everywhere. We tend to pick up on them or learn about them from a very young age.

Red Rose

The red rose is synonymous with romance and love – and is very big on Valentine’s Day, where perhaps one single long-stemmed rose or a dozen red roses might be sent as a token of affection. Of course, they might also get used once in a while to get out of the dog house with the other half! Aphrodite considered the red rose an emblem of beauty – to many, it represents desire, love and passion.


Having just wrapped up Christmas, maybe you kissed under the mistletoe? It is considered a magical, mystical greenery, neither a tree nor shrub – but something that offers great wisdom, freedom and no limitations.

Maple Leaf

Staying with nature, we have the Maple Leaf. You might immediately think of Canada, but it is also highly revered in China and Japan and is a symbol of lovers. In times gone by, maple leaves were placed at the foot of the bed to encourage good sleep, and to enhance relations, so to speak!

Heart & Arrow

As a child, maybe you drew a heart pierced with an arrow and longed to be shot with Cupid’s bow – and to fall madly in love? Of course, at a less superficial level, this imagery represents the pain and the pleasure that can come with being in love.

Turtle Doves

Turtle Doves mate for life, and as such their imagery is often used to depict love, fidelity and peace. You may not know that the Dove is associated with Venus, and is a sign of Spring and one of sensualness. The birds are often placed on an olive branch, referring back to the peace element – but also meaning renewed life.

Weddings Bands

When we marry, many of us will follow the tradition of exchanging wedding bands. It is no wonder why, as the message behind them is lovely. Worn on the third finger of the left hand; they symbolise a connection to the heart and intertwine each other’s destinies. The circular shape of the ring represents eternity.

Love Spoons

If you have ever visited Wales, you may have come across a Love Spoon, an ornately carved spoon made from a single piece of wood. Traditionally, the carved spoons were given by suitors to show their affection to the one they loved. Hearts are typically woven into the design, but many love symbols may feature.