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Christmas Offer + Turquoise December Birthstone

Turquoise Crystal

Were you born in December? If so, you will likely already know that Turquoise is your birthstone. But the Turquoise stone is associated with many properties which would be beneficial to anyone, particularly around the holiday season.

Turquoise Properties

Prosperity and good fortune, happiness and success are just a few of its abilities. It is known as a protective stone, wearing it will shelter you from outside negative influences.

It is a relatively soft gem and as such can be easily damaged, often it is mounted into jewellery making it more stable. You can find it in varying shades of green-blue with flecks of black.

Health Benefits

The crystal is often used to treat nightmares and to generally sleep better, this works particularly well with children.

Turquoise promotes chakra healing, facilitating flow of positive energy throughout the body. What is unusual about Turquoise is that it resonates with all seven of the chakras, but it is particularly useful for the brow and throat. Placed in these areas you should find a calmness come over you, it dampens anxiety down, and enhances your psychic intuition as well as your ability to meditate.

During the festive period with the possible over-indulgence it brings, Turquoise can assist the body to absorb essential nutrients. It also helps sore throats, lung issues, stomach acid, thyroid and voice problems.


The Egyptians knew long ago about Turquoise, and often their jewellery was adorned with the stone. It was also used on mortuary masks and sarcophagus.

America is one of the biggest miners of the stone, in places like California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico to name a few. Turquoise was in fact one of the earliest gems to be mined. It is also found elsewhere in the world like China, Australia, Brazil and of course Egypt.


Thinking of Christmas, Turquoise would make a great gift, is symbolises friendship, but given to a partner it can stimulate love and romance.

Turquoise really does represent the yin and yang of energies in the body, it is empathetic, and balancing, whilst using it you should have better self-awareness, and be filled with creative problem-solving abilities.

December Offer

If you would like to speak to a reader about crystal healing then why not take advantage of our Christmas Offer. During December 2017 you can get £5 off every credit card reading, reducing the price to £27.95 for the first 20 minutes.

Phone 0808 156 4933, and quote NOEL. Feel free to use the discount code multiple times. The offer is only open 9am-midnight. At all other times normal pricing will apply (£32.95 for the first 20 minutes and £1.50 per minute thereafter).

Download our offer leaflet for full information and terms.