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Kyanite Crystal


Kyanite is not that well known but is a fantastic crystal to work with, especially if you are trying to stimulate your psychic abilities. Using this stone will assist you in transmitting and amplifying higher frequency energy. You should find your ability to meditate and tune in is much easier with frequent use of the gem.

Spiritual Uses

Kyanite has many functions; you can use it for chakra work, especially when clearing meridian pathways. It has a very healing and transforming energy. It is a compassionate crystal and brings maturity and spiritual integrity to the fore. This stone can also be valuable in dream interpretation; to bring about calmer sleep and more healing dreams.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress, frustration and even anger, then working with Kyanite can cut through all of those emotions. So, you can get to the heart of the matter on a spiritual and psychological level.

In conjunction with the Throat Chakra, you will find it easier to find and speak your truth. It does help when good communication is needed, and your self-expression is crucial. You will feel unblocked and less fearful when using this gem.

Kyanite Colours

Kyanite is mined in Brazil and is classified as a bladed crystal – hence its shape. It can be a mix of white and blue, as seen in the image, but also comes in green, pink, yellow, grey and even black. It can also be pearlized, transparent or opaque.

It isn’t a particularly rare crystal. Choose a black variety if chakra work and meditation are your primary focus. Choose blue to strengthen your voice. Both in terms of speaking your mind and more literally in terms of having to speak in public.


It can be helpful to wear Kyanite as a pendant; it can sit between the naval and heart, which will particularly help balance the yin/yang. This stone is a natural pain reliever; Kyanite focuses on lowering blood pressure, fever and healing infections. Its energies work best on the brain, throat, thyroid and adrenal glands.

Kyanite Energy

One unusual aspect of Kyanite is that it never needs cleansing. That is because this crystal does not hold on to negative energy.

If you are unsure of the role that fate and karma play in your life, you will enjoy working with Kyanite; your capacity for logical thought will increase, you will like creating your way in the world.