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Citrine Crystal - A Summer Gem!

Citrine Crystal

Citrine is the perfect crystal to work with this summer, it’s an affordable stone that has fantastic sunny energy, bringing luck and good fortune to those who wear and work with it.

It is very much a crystal for the happy care free days of summer and holidays, when it is all about living in the moment, rather than worrying about every day life. It is a stone that can be used to manifest your dreams, so go wild with your thoughts for the future!


Citrine crystals are often heat-treated amethysts or smoke coloured quartz, it’s one of the reasons they are cheaper to purchase. A lot of yellow and golden quartz are mined in Brazil, but natural Citrine can be found in the UK in Scotland. It is also sourced from Uruguay, Madagascar and Russia.

Special Properties

Inner calm is very much achievable when working with Citrine, it lets you mull over a topic, and it allows for wisdom on how you should proceed to come forward.

It is useful in everyday life, for example within your career it can help you to analyse complex data or situations, it increases concentration and helps you to put a positive spin on new directions.

This crystal lets your self-expression come out, you will feel truer to yourself, and feel able to follow your passion in life. It helps you to have a positive attitude, you will feel less knocked back by others criticism, and you will be enthusiastic about new opportunities and the unchosen path.


This stone really helps in the Solar Plexus chakra area, dealing with stomach aches, IBS, feelings of nausea, digestive conditions, the appendix and even balancing of weight.

Citrine also has a warming impact on the body, and fortifies nerves.

Wear It

Why not embrace the Citrine gem in a piece of jewellery? Let the crystal send away negativity and bring in joy, happiness and positive friends into your life…