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July 17, 2015

Wearing an amethyst stone will sharpen your mind; it acts as a cleansing crystal to promote harmony and balance in the individual’s life. The stone is great when a person needs to steady their emotions so that their life goals can be met. If you want to enhance your psychic abilities then amethyst would be […]

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie – Gemini

June 26, 2015

Angelina Jolie in life and in the parts she plays has many faces, which runs to the root of her being a Gemini, she has been known as a hell-raiser, wild child, drug taker, marriage breaker, wife, mother, charity worker and more. Her whole look is juxtaposed with her life – what you see (dark […]

Lady texting

Text Readings

June 5, 2015

There are now 83.1 million mobile phones in operation in the UK and a massive 93% of adults own one… It stands to reason then that our text service would be more suitable than ever before! Sometimes life can be busy and it is difficult to carve out time for a psychic telephone reading. But […]


Fair Trade

May 22, 2015

I think it is fair to say that there is growing consumer demand for more ethically sourced / manufactured products; in food, clothes and even things like wood products. The fact that big players such as Nestle and Cadbury are producing favourite confectionary items such as Dairy Milk and Kit Kat with certification like Fair […]

Insomnia, clock watching

Is your job keeping you awake at night?

May 15, 2015

3 out of 10 people living in Britain suffer with sleep problems. Insomnia is defined as: Lying awake for a long time or waking several times a night. Waking and not being able to get back to sleep. Feeling tired, irritable, unrefreshed and unable to concentrate during the day. Sleep difficulties normally happen at least […]

Celestite Crystal


April 17, 2015

Celestite or Celestine as it is sometimes known is a soft blue mineral with an ethereal quality – it is a great stone for meditation, quiet contemplation and it has a calming and uplifting effect. One thing that you would not expect from this stone is its use in fireworks and flares, in total contrast […]


Zodiac Inspired Fashion

April 10, 2015

At London Fashion Week designer Matthew Williamson unveiled an Autumn/Winter 15 collection inspired by the twelve signs of the zodiac. Matthew allowed the mystical properties and the symbolism of the astrological system of star signs to influence the design process for his latest body of work. Astronomy has influenced everything from the print, colours, embroidery […]

Feng Shui Pa Kua Grid

Feng Shui

March 20, 2015

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy, harmonising the relationship between humans and their environment. For centuries the Chinese have used Feng Shui techniques to ensure the flow of energy is enhanced, in turn creating good fortune. One simple way to get to grips with Feng Shui is via a Pa Kua Grid (see image). Place […]

Coping with Bereavement

March 6, 2015

The path that some one travels in coping with the loss of a loved one is exactly that, a path. There will be up’s and downs, turns and cross roads. For each person the path will be unique and with it the journey, one thing to be certain of is that the path leads somewhere […]

Harry Styles – Aquarius

February 20, 2015

Harry Styles as I am sure you are aware is a member of the boy-band One Direction; he grew up in Cheshire in England and used to play locally in a band called White Eskimo. In 2010 he auditioned on X Factor as a solo artist, but was initially rejected. Later in the series he […]