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Journal Your Way To Success


If you have never kept any type of diary, then the idea of ‘journaling’ may be a little strange, but there are many benefits to spending a small amount of time using a journal in a focused way.

Rather than randomly writing what has happened to you, or your thoughts, hopes and dreams for the future like you might in a diary, focused writing in a journal suggests that you take a topic and explore it. Over time the hope is that you get clarity on things that have bothered you, and appreciation of how far you have come, and renewed purpose for the days ahead.

How often you journal, and for how long is up to you. Here are some suggested prompts for the coming months.


  • Thinking about the last year, what have been the hardest parts for you. Despite any difficulties, what things can you identify to show gratitude for?


  • Thinking about the year ahead, can you put into ‘one word’, what encapsulates what you want for yourself?


  • When you imagine the very best version of yourself – your most authentic true being (that perhaps only you know), what does that look like?


  • When you think about your life, who has been there for you, whole heartedly and with grace. How has their presence in your life impacted you? Is there anything or anyone in your life that is holding you back?


  • Thinking about freedom, can you describe scenarios in your day-to-day life that allow you to feel a sense of being free?


  • If you were thinking about past hurts, are there things that you could do with moving on from? In these scenarios are there people you need to forgive?


  • What changes have you made to your life, that have had a positive impact. Are you able to make a promise to yourself to continue doing them?


  • Take time to look over 2019, and appreciate how far you have come and how much you have achieved.