Our Psychic Readers

On this page you will find a description of each of our hand-picked psychics and mediums. They are all unique and bring many different skills and life experiences to their readings.

If you are searching for guidance and want support in choosing the right life path then our clairvoyants can advise you. They are particularly gifted in dealing with relationships, soul-mates and all matters of the heart. But equally they are just as intuitive regarding family issues, career and job matters and other life puzzles.

They combine their natural psychic gifts with their expert knowledge to bring you all the answers you’re looking for.

  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 4444

    Aelissa’s ancestry is Celtic and she is a clairaudient, clairsentient far seer. Her tool of choice is Tarot cards; she finds them particularly useful in gaining a quick connection and with timings. Aelissa has strong visualisation abilities and will use these with her natural empathy to give you a kind-hearted reading.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 6543

    Alice feels her purpose in life is to guide others on their journeys; her ability to provide insight and clarity in times of crisis will let you find your direction. Alice has been connected with spirit from an early age; she has worked globally and continues to learn new skills like hypnotherapy and past life regression.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 1441

    Angel has a colourful aura that radiates healing energy; she uses her unique gift of pure insight to lead clients to their rightful soul path. She is a very approachable reader, who has the support of archangels and ascended masters. If you feel your life is off kilter in some way then Angel will provide intuitive advice to guide you.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 3467

    Dayity has been doing spiritual work for over 36 years, using clairvoyancy, pendulum, mediumship, Tarot and Angel cards skills. She specialises in career, finance and love problems; her aim is to answer your questions and provide clarity to confusing situations. Dayity shines a light on your problems and guides you spiritually to your best life path.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 1180

    Ellie has a tremendous connection to nature and the animal kingdom and she draws strength from them. She uses her inner eye to connect to your soul and she can tune in to your energy through your aura. Ellie can tell you your destiny and pass messages from loved ones, angels and elders.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 1133

    Fran is a psychic medium, highly experienced with direct spiritual communication during a reading. She has a long involvement with development circles and platform readings. She offers inspiration and enlightenment. Fran will leave you feeling reassured, focused and inspired.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 3897

    Hilary was given an Egyptian Tarot deck by a friend when she was going through a very tough time in life, and she has been intrigued and enthralled by them ever since. Hilary uses the cards to give you answers on situations and life events, providing insight and clarity. Hilary feels that Tarot does not control your future, but rather provides you with choices.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 3032

    Profile coming soon...
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 3899

    Joshua specialises in soul-mate connections and love and relationship readings. He uses his psychic, medium and healing abilities to read your energy and aura to give you clarity in the situations that trouble you. Joshua has an inherited gift, and likes to use both his spirit guides wisdom as well as his dependable cards to give you clear answers and timings.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 3123

    Julie is a natural psychic who specialises in love and relationship readings. She has worked as a platform medium and works with her guide North Star, and is happy to connect with both loved ones and pets that have passed. Julie uses her clairaudient and clairsentient abilities to bring clarity, comfort and reassuring messages from Spirit.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 5791

    Karen knew she was gifted from a young age and she has a spirit guide that has been with her for many years. She quickly connects through clairvoyance to give insight and guidance on difficult decisions you are facing. Karen has great life experience and provides a calming influence and comforting messages from Spirit.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 3898

    Lorraine treats reading for others seriously and as a privilege; she has been gifted from a young age and was lucky enough to be guided by her grandmother. She is a medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient and Tarot reader. She provides empathic support, giving clarity on your situation and insight to the right way forward from here.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 9399

    Marcus has a natural psychic gift that was encouraged by his father who is also an accomplished clairvoyant. He is popular with clients due to his empathy and warmth, making him a friend as well as reader to his loyal clients. Marcus will speak to his guides to find your destiny and will offer refreshing ideas to your problems.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 1881

    Mariah has very strong premonitions and is able to sense energies and interpret real feelings in a person’s soul. Mariah has spent many years perfecting her craft and is at home as a platform reader or doing telephone work one to one. She can support you through difficult times, assisting with healing and past life issues.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 1010

    Mavis is a professional and honest Medium Clairvoyant; through her connection with the spirit world she guides her clients in a most positive way. Mavis believes that we make our own destiny and her readings are very detailed to allow her clients to make the best decisions and choices in all areas of their lives. lt;/p>
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 3232

    Michaela has over 12 year’s experience; she can advise on all relationships particularly if you have a question early on. Michaela specialises in tackling present problems and challenges to ensure you can achieve your life goals. Michaela often turns to Archangel Michael for guidance and will pass on his messages with honesty and grace.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 3443

    Robbie is a very warm and eloquent medium and psychic; he believes in spiritual transformation and positive thinking. If your life is off balance then he is the right reader to make you feel healed and back on your correct pathway. Robbie believes in harnessing the law of attraction – everything is possible when you believe.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 2022

    Ruth came relatively late to her spiritual path after realising her life just wasn’t the way she wanted it to be. Now she enjoys sharing her gift to enable other people to experience the same change in direction for a happier and more fulfilling life. Ruth will teach you self-empowerment so you can affect change for yourself.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 2662

    Sandra is a clairvoyant medium; she believes that everyone has a type of life plan mapped out for them but that you do not necessarily need to follow it. It is when you veer off the given path that perhaps guidance and advice is needed most. Sandra can step in at these times to offer you messages and clarity from Spirit.
  • Psychic Reader


    PIN: 3555

    Vivienne has an inherited gift and as such her elders have passed down their Angel guides that she communicates with telepathically. Her readings are as unique as you are, Vivienne will pass on the messages that Spirit wants you to know. As an upbeat reader, Vivienne will tap into what is bothering you most, and leave you feeling brighter about your future.