Free Monthly Horoscopes

We are very lucky to have Carol Day writing our monthly horoscopes; she is a very knowledgeable astrologer and has many years of experience.

Astrology is based on the relationship between the planets, the Sun and the Moon; 12 zodiac or Sun signs; and 12 areas of a person’s life called houses. Astrology is still the most complex psychological model available, giving explanations for phenomena that rational science can’t begin to address.

Astrology was the first science. As early as 2900 BC the Sumerians built temples to observe the stars and planets. Very soon astrology developed into a very complex practice and by 2000 BC the magi of Mesopotamia believed that there were no such things as accidents and that everything in the universe – people, objects and events are connected. The magi were priests trained in astrology and other sciences and they studied the stars and looked for omens in all things. They studied the same things in the sky that we see today, the sunrise and sunset, the stars, planets, meteors and the Milky Way.

Astrology was studied in universities until the 1600′s when ‘rational science’ took over. Today most astrologers are very well educated and many hold college degrees. They frequently have training in psychology and counselling, and have a great deal of spiritual understanding.

We hope you enjoy your horoscope predictions for the coming month…

  • Star Sign


    The Sun continues to shine on your parade and prepares you for ‘a being ready for anything’ mode. You’ll be happily meeting new friends and groups that are outside the norm. Plus, two eclipses, a Solar Eclipse on the 13th in the home/family sky, and a Lunar Eclipse on the 27th, which focus on family changes, nothing you can’t handle. Lessen your schedule and relax; and it wouldn’t hurt you to laugh more often; laughter is a powerful healing energy.

  • Star Sign


    Dear heart you have this wonderful ability to create success when others have long since given up. However, this virtue can sometimes keep you trapped and you need a change of direction. Uranus in your 1st house and two strong eclipses – Solar Eclipse 13th & Lunar Eclipse 27th are freeing you this month. They both impact home/family changes, you’ll help resolve problems and Mercury puts a smile on your face with a windfall around the 26th.

  • Star Sign


    July is basically a happy and prosperous month for lovely Gemini, though two eclipses will ensure that life never gets boring and will keep you on your toes. Moneywise you financial thinking hasn’t been realistic and you need a new money strategy, changes you make now will ensure future prosperity. The Solar Eclipse 13th shows cars and computers need testing, plus Pluto health regimes need looking at, and the Moon Eclipse 27th say no to travel around eclipses.

  • Star Sign


    Moon-folk may find themselves basking in the sunshine and enjoying life in the birthday lane. Health is better, you feel re-energised and you look and feel great. Last month was prosperous, this month even more so, as the Sun moves into your money sky on the 22nd it is more powerful than usual. Venus’ presence in your money sky means home and family spending and when Mercury links in, he favours business that appeals to youth, you’ll feel young again!

  • Star Sign


    July blesses you with star quality, you are strong and energetic, and have great magnetism, but how do others see you? The Solar Eclipse of the 13th falls in your spiritual sky and urges a personal rethink, a redefinition of who you are, and the image you project to others. Change the way you think and your appearance will follow suit, this is in accord to spiritual law. The 27th Moon Eclipse reviews your love-life, so take it in your stride and relax over the eclipse time.

  • Star Sign


    Virgo’s are bathed in cosmic light, just as two eclipses are shaking up the world, you seem relatively untouched by them. The cosmic purpose of an eclipse is to clear away things that obstruct the Divine Plan of your life. The Solar Eclipse 13th falls in your friendship sky so you’ll be supporting them in your caring way. The Moon Eclipse 27th is in your health/work sky, which shows a new job and a new health regime, the cosmos only wants what’s best for you.

  • Star Sign


    Career is the main headline this month, there could be shake-ups on the career front in your company or industry, it all starts from the Solar Eclipse 13th, which falls in your career sky. The rules of the game are changing and you’ll need to adapt which should prove no trouble. Money planet Pluto is also affected – it seems financial prospects are better than you thought. A candle-lit dinner for two will smooth over troubled waters with the beloved.

  • Star Sign


    Lucky Scorpio’s are being carried along by the crest of the wave as the Solar Eclipse of the 13th opens career doors, and you enter the best career period of the year on the 22nd. The Sun, your career planet is preparing the way to success and barriers are blown away. This will also motivate a new Scorpio image. You’ll ease home/family dramas around the 27th Lunar Eclipseby wearing your peace-maker’s hat. Take time to relax during the eclipses.

  • Star Sign


    Many people see you as a go-getter, travel-lover, and work-horse, however the cosmos has other plans and you have to ease the pace this month, since a Solar Eclipse on 13th is in your transformation sky. This means you’ll be faced with family dramas, perhaps related to tax/insurance issues, and even neighbourhood concerns. The Lunar Eclipse 27th impacts forms of communication, cars/computers could get tested. A courageous Centaur comes to the rescue!

  • Star Sign


    Capricorns love and social affairs are in full swing as you scale the heights in these areas. There’s no shortage of admirers, new and old relationships get tested, as the Solar Eclipse on 13th occurs in your love sky. Good sound relationships will survive and even get better, this also applies to friendships as Pluto is affected. The Moon Eclipse on 27th impacts on your finances, ask an expert. There’s a song in your heart, and they say love conquers all.

  • Star Sign


    Water-bearers have a ‘can do’ spirit in July, so you’ll be getting things done quickly. And you have Mars to thank for the extra energy and courage to take on these necessary projects. Both eclipses, the Solar 13th and Lunar 27th are powerful, but the Lunar Eclipse impacts you most as it occurs in your own sign and affects Uranus your ruler, so time to relax. The Solar Eclipse falls in your health/work sky, so you can see career progress and explore a new health regime.

  • Star Sign


    Put holiday plans on hold this month and enjoy leisure time nearer to home, as Pluto your travel planet feels the impact of the Solar Eclipse on 13th. If you must travel avoid the eclipse period and allow more time to get to your destination. Health/work sky is also affected so you’ll be smoothing troubled waters at home/work, but the Sun’s eclipse is benign for you. A Moon eclipse in your spiritual sky alludes to shifts in teachers and practice. Say a little Prayer.