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What can your ring finger say about you…

finger drawings

Is your ring finger longer than your index finger? Well then you are likely to be charismatic, with a real ability to talk the talk and walk the walk – no situation is too difficult to get out of for you! You are passionate and it shows, but be careful it doesn’t come across too forceful to those that don’t know you well, those that do know you – know and love how compassionate you are.

Are your ring finger and index finger the same length? Then you already know that no goal is too big – you always want to reach for the stars! Luckily you are both self-assured and effective so you will achieve what you set out to do. Just be careful that you are not too single minded, sometimes you can achieve your objectives without having to work alone – people love to work with you, your enthusiasm rubs off on them.

Is your ring finger shorter than your index finger? You are the mediator! Between siblings, family and friends you will keep the peace at all costs…People can underestimate you believing you like to avoid conflict, which is just when you surprise them, whilst you prefer things to be harmonious, you have a passionate fiery side. Wow betides those that try to walk over you, as that will be the 1% of the time your easy-going nature flies out the door.

If you are looking for some help in the love department, then why not turn to the Rose Quartz crystal:

For centuries the pink stone – Rose Quartz has been associated with love, but also friendship and harmony. If a relationship is in trouble, it can be used to fortify the love and union. Of course the stone works in conjunction with the heart chakra and can be used placed on the heart during meditation to spread universal energy, passion, adoration and affection to those you love. Used in this way or worn as jewellery you should benefit from its healing properties. Outside of romance, the crystal will heal you following disappointment and will allow you to let go of past hurts and worries. As you work with the quartz peaceful, happy and loving thoughts will wash over you.