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New Energy, by Psychic Reader - Pauline, PIN: 3798

New Energy

What is this new energy on the Earth? It is the Unity Consciousness of the Fifth Dimension. Rather than the isolation of the Third Dimension. We are now ascending into the Fifth Dimension globally.

The whole planet is being bombarded with 5D energy. Gaia is not allowing the combined energies anymore. We have to change with her – our bodies are already vibrating in 5D, but our minds will take longer to adjust.

We need to spend as much time in nature as possible focussing our bodies on meditation. We should focus our thoughts on waking and sleeping, letting go of any worry or anxiety and redirecting our minds towards positivity.

Signs you are already living in 5D:

You see everything as energy.  

Toxins and toxic people have been removed.

There is No Ego!

No judgement.

There is more connection to nature, in particular.

Psychic abilities are heightened. 

Lighter meal consumption.

Faster manifestations.

No scarcity, only abundance.

Everyone and everything is perfect in your eyes.

Freedom from lower emotions.

Reality becomes more fluid and flexible.  

Love and compassion conquer fear.

Developing a certainty of being eternal.

Realising the possibility of time travel.

A higher consciousness prevails.

The 5th Dimension is also known as the Mystic Dimension, as it can only be experienced through consciousness. This happens slowly and can take months or years!

Pauline, PIN: 3798