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What is a Medium? By Mariah, PIN: 1881


I am often asked questions by the lovely people I do readings for, around being a medium and psychic So, I thought I might share some of these with you:

Is a medium psychic?

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. I am a spiritualist medium; this means I vow to give evidence of survival of ‘life after death’. This means I will try to give as much of a physical description of the communicator as is given to me. I will check that the sitter recognises the communicator.

Our culture sees consciousness as a product of the physical body, the medium experiences consciousness as independent of the physical body, only the body dies, not the energy of the person or soul as it’s known in our culture. Our task is to invite, then channel the consciousness of those no longer in the physical form to their loved ones remaining on the physical plane of existence.

Medium Reading

I work continuously to improve my ability to see, hear, feel and know what I am being given to pass on. I believe psychic and mediumship messages come from the same source. A message/reading which is a mediumship reading identifies the communicator as a person the sitter recognises, or can go away and find information about, and identity lived out on the earth plane, sometimes guides.

Psychic readings bypass the identification process. My experience is that we are all surrounded by spirit people all the time, guides, angels, loved ones, ancestors and friend’s and their family members, all connected by love in a ceaseless circle. Love is the energy which consciousness is driven by and thrives on, this energy brings the messages close to the sitter. Psychics and mediums both work with guides who support them to give the best they can to a sitter.

What is the spirit world like

My experience, as spirit is kind enough to tell me, is that it is a world of energy. It is neither above or below or far away, in fact we are in the world of spirit, we are spirit, but we are on the material plane of existence, those no longer in body are like radio or microwaves, there are no boundaries, no physical material limitations placed upon them.

Quantum physicians and quantum mechanics tell us that nothing ever leaves the universe, it just changes form. We are made from the same materials, in the same proportions as the stars we gaze upon, the same stars the ancients gazed upon, we are not in the universe, we ARE the universe, and we are all connected in this way.

Earth Plane

When the physical body dies, we bury or cremate it, it changes form, and it joins the rivers, the water systems, the clouds, and the air. It does not leave the universe, it changes form, it separates from consciousness, and mediums channel consciousness. On the earth plane we are forced to find food, shelter, medicine, company and co-workers, we compete for resources; we are subject to fear, anxiety, hate, jealousy, anger and worse.

Spirit is free of all of that negativity and physical concerns. They can see though earth plane manufactured boundaries and beliefs, straight through to the truth that is love. There is no physical or emotional pain, healing is given, soul evolution is given, spirit live in a state of suspended bliss, we can only experience in tiny fragmented shards in an earth plane lifetime. When a loved one passes, they instantly join their passed loved ones, and anyone we loved on the earth plane, their ancestors and relatives are also drawn together. It is love without borders.

Platform Reading

I recently read for a lady in a church, in the front row, from platform, and she could not recognise the communicator, but she could take all the messages. This lady is a therapist who does healing, massage and Reiki. At the back of the church a lady who has been treated by her recognised the communicator, it was her sister-in-law, thanking the lady in the front, for assisting her loved one through traumatic grief and physical illness. This is the link of love and connectedness of us all. We receive love as much as we give it, and when we get it, we pass it on, and this is what spirit want to teach us when they come through.

How does a medium know the are a medium?

Our culture prides itself on healthy scepticism, some of us are born that way and stay that way, and some of us are born that way but are silenced as children from fear and protection by our parents. Many feel a calling and just work hard and learn to develop. We might wander from our path, develop as a working medium late in life, fall into it through a terrible loss or an illness or an unfair dismissal; one way or another we end up where we should be – just as our dear friends the quantum physicists do.

Each one of us has our unique gifts to bring to the earth plane and our fellow humans, plants and animals. If you are called by spirit, you will hear, see, feel, sense, know, you might smell or taste, you might just know another energy is with you, you might hear and feel things which you know is not your own thoughts and feelings or you may experience dreams and premonitions. The language of spirit is very subtle; we need to learn to speak it to work as a medium. Lots of people do experience spirit, but they do not want to become a medium. Lots of people feel their loved ones around them and put it down to imagination. Many more lose their scepticism once they have lost a loved one and just feel their presence and how real it is.

How do we know when our loved ones are around us

Spirit no longer have a mouth, so speaking isn’t done in the same way it was when they had a body, they communicate through our senses, and telepathically. They can pop a thought into our minds, get us to walk past a shop or put the radio on just as the special song that reminds us of them is playing. Visit us in dreams, when we are most receptive to spirit, they can move things in the house or affect electrical equipment, this is to let us know they are still there and it is because they love us and want to bring us healing and comfort in our loss or in times of stress, illness and struggling. They can send us a special sign, like a bird, a feather, a song, a special object…

A friend of mine’s mother passed into spirit. At her funeral, a Robin, out of season, perched on a shrub next to her graveside and stayed there for the duration of the service. The bird seemed to look into my friends eyes and say “I’m here, look at me”. She felt the presence of her mother very strongly and heard her voice clearly. I was with her not long after, and a Robin followed us down her street, we stood with the Robin for over twenty minutes until my friend asked her mother to let her go shopping before the kids finished school. We laughed about it, and for years if a Robin stopped me in my tracks, I knew I had to call my friend – her mother said so!

Signs & Symbols

Recently I lost a very very dear friend, almost a brother and a father to me. Naturally, I was devastated. It was agony to watch his family suffer, we supported each other, but the pain was intense, as it is. On his anniversary, a Great Spotted Woodpecker landed in the tree outside my window – not something you see every day in central London. For the next three years, the Woodpecker appeared on time, in the tree, until the pain of the loss began to ease. It was such a good sign; the bird is rare, magnificent and a bit wild – just like my friend!

When a loved one appears in a dream, it’s a brief but beautiful experience, this is not a dream – it is a visit! They have gone past using a medium, and come to you direct. Treasure these visits, no matter how successful a reading is, no medium can give you that experience.