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Venus the Goddess of Love & Beauty


Universally The Goddess is a symbol of fertility as well as ruler of truth, wisdom, justice, nature, love & death. She is multi faceted in much the same way as we describe women in modern times to be multi tasking – she is often described as ‘She of a Thousand Names’.

The Venus figurine (female, exaggerated belly and breasts) is one of the most common archaeological finds throughout Europe. But it is difficult to correlate these finds with that of goddess worship within religious traditions.

Whatever the answer the Goddess has remained an important part of belief systems especially in Hinduism, paganism and as Virgin Mary in Christianity. In neo-pagan religions Goddess worship is a way to connect to the earth and live in a more intuitive manner.

In western culture Goddess Venus is most commonly linked to Greek Aphrodite and the Etruscan Turan, her name translates to love and sexual desire. She is all powerful and yet graceful, embracing love and spiritual devotion. A free spirit, she is feminine, beholden to no man and is not bound by rules.