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Kyanite Crystal

January 19, 2022

Kyanite is not that well known but is a fantastic crystal to work with, especially if you are trying to stimulate your psychic abilities. Using this stone will assist you in transmitting and amplifying higher frequency energy. You should find your ability to meditate and tune in is much easier with frequent use of the […]


Wrapping Presents: Nature Inspired

December 20, 2021

I’m one of those people that loves gift wrapping, or at least the embellishment part if not the actually wrapping up of oddly shaped presents! But by December there tends to be glitter everywhere… Often I buy lovely present toppers only to find that they don’t go with the paper or tags. If you feel […]

Ancient Grains


December 13, 2021

In the UK the recommended level of fibre an adult should have each day is 30g. However, many of us struggle to reach even half of that amount. Most of us are aware that we need to up the number of whole grains we consume in our diets. They are a type of carbohydrate that […]



November 4, 2021

Coinciding with Bonfire Night, a film called ‘Spencer’ will appear in cinemas across the UK on 5th November 2021. Of course, Spencer will no doubt divide opinion, with some excited to see it and others shunning it on principle. There is no doubt that the royals and recent events surrounding them has a lot of […]

Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

October 7, 2021

Are you aware that we have different types of dreams? You might immediately think, of course – sometimes I have a pleasant dream, and others would be considered nightmares. But I am actually talking about a dream classified as a Lucid Dream. What is a Lucid Dream and Why Would You Want One? Put in […]

Here Today

Here Today

September 3, 2021

In ‘Here Today’ Billy Crystal plays character Charlie Burnz, who is a veteran comedy writer. In the trailer you see him meet Emma Payge – a New York singer, played by Tiffany Haddish. Charlie believes that Emma has bid and won a meal with him from an auction, that is true – but she has […]


The Rules to a Successful Summer Fling

July 2, 2021

Perhaps you are young, free and single? Or maybe you are recently divorced, or separated from a long-time partner? Does a holiday romance feel like the perfect way to dip your toes back in the area of romance? But beware, sun, sand and sangria can wreak havoc with our common sense. So here’s some summer […]


Seph: Spiritual Healer – PIN: 1369

June 1, 2021

Seph has been a spiritual healer both absent and present for over thirty years. She discovered her healing ability when travelling with friends on holiday. One friend asked her if she could assist her as she was feeling quite ill all of a sudden.  Seph’s Friends Her friend had soreness on her arm, due to […]

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

May 21, 2021

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, was originally scheduled for Easter 2020. Then it was more recently rescheduled for a 12th Feb 2021 release in the UK. Unfortunately, the third national lockdown closed cinemas once more. Film releases have been greatly affected by the pandemic on a global scale. Some film-makers were choosing to take new […]


Aries: Spotlight on this Zodiac Sign

April 1, 2021

Aries are of course the first sign of the zodiac; and they are hard to ignore! Aries are not known for their subtlety, they are literally the definition of ‘what you see, is what you get’. They are powerful and dynamic, they know their own minds, and they are not afraid to speak up. Aries […]