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July 17, 2019

You might wonder where the word Mermaid comes from, it is believed to have derived from an Old English word ‘mere’, meaning lake or sea, and was coupled with the word ‘maid’, as you’d expect meaning woman. Half Woman/Half Fish Mermaids are almost always depicted as women, who are human on the top half, and […]

Citrine Crystal

Citrine Crystal – A Summer Gem!

July 3, 2019

Citrine is the perfect crystal to work with this summer, it’s an affordable stone that has fantastic sunny energy, bringing luck and good fortune to those who wear and work with it. It is very much a crystal for the happy care free days of summer and holidays, when it is all about living in […]

Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell: New Julianne Moore Film!

June 10, 2019

The film Gloria Bell is actually a re-imaging of an earlier film from 2013 with the name Gloria, created by Chilean Director and Writer Sebastian Lelio. Essentially the recreation is to take it into the English language, and move the films location from Santiago to Los Angeles. But unusual for a re-working, everything else about […]


Journal Your Way To Success

May 29, 2019

If you have never kept any type of diary, then the idea of ‘journaling’ may be a little strange, but there are many benefits to spending a small amount of time using a journal in a focused way. Rather than randomly writing what has happened to you, or your thoughts, hopes and dreams for the […]

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs

May 2, 2019

Many of us will buy herbs on a weekly basis at the supermarket, you may even grow them in pots on a windowsill or in your garden; but what you might not realise that as well as making your cooking extra delicious, they have many healthful properties that have been used for centuries to boost […]



April 24, 2019

What are Podcasts A Podcast can be something that has been specifically recorded for people to download, or it may be a recording of something that has already aired like a radio programme. How to Access You can download an app – Apple Podcasts for iPhone and similar Apple products, or Google Podcasts for Android […]


Spring Offer + A Happier Way to Declutter

April 2, 2019

Spring Offer Don’t forget that our Special Spring Offer is up and running. During April 2019 a 20-minute credit card reading will cost just £27.95 Saving you £5.00 on every call! To use the offer, call Freephone: 0808 156 4933 & Quote ‘SPRING’ You can use the discount code as many times as you like during the offer period. […]

What Men Want - Paramount Pictures

What Men Want

March 18, 2019

If you cast your mind back to the year 2000, do you remember a film called ‘What Women Want’, a romantic comedy by Nancy Meyers starring Mel Gibson? Well, fast forward to 2019 and we have a reboot of the film, called ‘What Men Want’. As the title suggests there is a gender switch. The […]

Online Scams

Staying Safe Online

March 6, 2019

There is no doubt that young and old, we are embracing technology, phones/tablets, heating and doorbells we can control remotely, streaming television and the likes of ‘Alexa’ et al sounding in houses all over the country. But whilst technology is making lives easier for us in so many ways, scam artists and thieves are finding […]


All About Chocolate

February 14, 2019

For many of us, one of life’s pleasures is chocolate! Much of the New Year focuses on the things we can do to improve our lives, from finding a gentler form of exercise, to sleeping better, to making room for ‘me time’…But for a balanced life, there also needs to be pleasure and small indulgences […]