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What will your star sign do this summer?

Star Sign

If you don’t yet have plans for summer, then read on to see how your star sign likes to holiday, travel and generally enjoy the warmer months…


Aries are adventurous by nature and are born leaders, whatever they do they will want it to be a new experience. A perfect trip would be something challenging and unusual. It could be hiking a mountain or visiting a famous monument or ruin – most likely it will be a hot destination as Aries star sign are drawn to the sun.


Taureans are happy vacationing in the UK or equally staying at home. They like creature comforts, family, planning and organisation. Good scenery – family & friends is all Taurus needs to feel on holiday.


Geminis are energetic, curious and social creatures, and as such a beach holiday is just not going to cut it. They need culture by day: museums, art galleries and exciting nightlife for the evening. Think city break destinations from New York to Barcelona…


Cancer signs love their homes, if they were going to go on holiday; they would most likely rent a home away from home, perhaps a lakeside location – somewhere tranquil where they can spend quality time with their families.


Leos want glamour – on holiday more than in life. A holiday has to be A list from the beginning to end – the transport, the hotel, the destination. Think Dubai, Los Angeles, Paris…They need to feel admired and it needs to be first class all the way!


Virgo star signs will already know what they are doing – they are life’s planners, and half of the fun is in the organisation. They love nothing more than immersing themselves in local culture, visiting and learning everything about the place and its inhabitants. They’ll be an advance itinerary and to have fun they’ll need to stick to it.


Libra signs are the artsy type in the group, so as you might expect a holiday filled with music, art, and fine dining would fill them with delight. They don’t need things to be perfect, but don’t expect them to rough it either – some comforts from home, and some great scenery will make for a happy break.


Scorpio star sign will travel far and wide to get the exotic experience, they are independent and well-travelled, and a few vaccinations will not put them off! That said they don’t believe in wasting an opportunity, so a break that allows for some personal growth and an immersion in a new culture would appeal.


Sagittarians crave freedom, they want to throw off the shackles of their everyday lives and responsibilities and for a few weeks a year experience total freedom to do what they want, how they want and with who they want…They are drawn to the great outdoors, beyond that – anything goes.


Capricorns make great travel companions, they don’t mind creating a schedule for everyone to enjoy. They are happy just being part of a group, immersed in a holiday that gives them time to think and learn – they are just after quality time with those they care for.


Aquarians will be happy doing pretty much anything as long as it is off the beaten track and away from the normal tourist trail. They like their holidays to be unusual and unexpected with an opportunity to meet new people.


Pisces need a serene location, they are the dreamers of the group and somewhere atmospheric where they can just drink it all in – is what is needed. They want to spend their holidays with their own imaginations, with time to soul-search, so no really commercial destinations.