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Stress: 7 Simple Steps to Tackle Stress...


One of the best ways to beat back stress, is to increase the amount of happy hormone – dopamine flooding your body. We look at effective ways to do this, so you can feel calmer, in mind, body and soul.

Cold Shower

Whilst a 3-minute cold shower might not seem that appealing, studies suggest that it is a great way to boost your dopamine level (maybe by as much as 250%), and reduce cortisol levels – which is the bodies stress hormone (by as much as 34%).


The act of meditating has a fantastic calming response on the body. It can reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, as well as calming us in moments of stress. Even short bursts, can increase dopamine levels.


Taking time to play your favourite music can be very soothing. We often associate particular tunes with special occasions in our lives. Even thinking about the music playing can stimulate our brains to increase dopamine.


If you own a pet you will probably already have noticed the comforting and reassuring feelings that wash over you from stroking them for 15 minutes or so. The benefits are more marked when you are stroking your own pet, but some impact is seen with any pet you encounter.


In the UK getting enough access to sunlight and vitamin D can be a challenge. But spending just 30-60 minutes outdoors on a daily basis has a massive impact on the body, particularly in producing dopamine.


Human touch is just as impactive as touch that we discussed above with pets. Taking time to hold hands with your partner, to kiss. To hug a friend or family member all increase our dopamine levels. You cannot underestimate the power of touch to translate important feelings of love, compassion, empathy and more…

Vagus Nerve

Many alternative therapies like acupuncture stimulate the vague nerve. But it can also be achieved through singing and humming, even deep-breathing. The vagus nerve connects our gut, heart, lungs and brain via a cranial nerve. It is responsible for the throat, digestion, blood pressure and heart rate. Stimulating the nerve increases dopamine in the body, and in turn positively impacts all of the corresponding organs.

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