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Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream

Are you aware that we have different types of dreams? You might immediately think, of course – sometimes I have a pleasant dream, and others would be considered nightmares. But I am actually talking about a dream classified as a Lucid Dream.

What is a Lucid Dream and Why Would You Want One?

Put in a simple term, a Lucid Dream is when the person dreaming, becomes aware that they are having a dream… This altered state of awareness usually occurs part the way through the dream, and Lucid Dreams normally take place in the Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep, often referred to as the REM cycle.

A nightmare style dream could still feel scary, even if the person is in a Lucid Dream state, but over time people can differentiate that it is just a dream, and not actuality and therefore they are not in real danger. Eventually with practise and focus a person can take control of the dream.

Whether we like it or not, often a dream-state brings to the fore what we are concerned about in conscious life. Embracing Lucid Dreams allows us to work through these anxieties. If you were having a nightmare or going over a real-life scenario in your dream, you may push your body and brain to wake up, or keep sending the dream away and focus on something else instead. However, in a Lucid Dream, you may be more willing to move through, knowing it is a dream and not actuality, which can bring you to useful conclusions that you can carry out in real life.

Can you help yourself into this dream state?

It can be difficult at first to enter a Lucid Dream state, without waking. You can try some of the below techniques. This isn’t something that should be practised nightly, as dreaming can be a restorative process – so just try a few times a week, or if you enter a period of dreaming a lot.

Recall your dream – either if you wake in the night or in the morning. Note down any words, symbols – anything that stays with you. It doesn’t have to make complete sense.

When you are awake, think of something unusual – a talking animal, or a colourful object. Then when you think you are entering a Lucid Dream state, conjure up your item. Then you will know you are in a Lucid Dream situation.

If you have an unresolved dream that you think needs unravelling, then before you go to sleep, try to create that dream scenario in your head. With practice it is possible you will pick up the dream when you are asleep.