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Chakras: Sacred Lotus Flower + Offer


The Sacred Lotus Flower is associated with the seven Chakras. The unfolding petals are symbolic of the chakras opening up.  Four petals are the base centre; the crown is often referred to as ‘the thousand of many-petalled lotus’.

When all of your chakras are aligned, energy flows freely, leaving your spirit, body and mind harmonious. Your different chakras radiate from the higher planes of consciousness, with each shining a different colour from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo to violet.

Chakra Functions

The Crown – Sahasrara – I know

This chakra connects you to the highest energy in the universe, providing infinite consciousness. Representing ‘pure thought’ and an ability to seek out spiritual wisdom.

The Heart – Anahata – I love

As you might expect this chakra represents love, compassion and empathy – all of the feelings associated with the heart. But it is also an important chakra for bridging the gap between two worlds – the spiritual and physical.

The Solar Plexus – Manipura – I can

Everything you ever dreamed about, and hope for the future is tied up in this chakra. This is where you have the power to take your fantasies and make them reality. It is your power, your will and vitality all rolled into one.

The Base – Muladhara – I have

This chakra is grounding, it represents the very basics you need to survive, and thrive. It links you to Earth, and gives you the instincts to cope. It is always open and energising.

The Brow – Ajna – I see

To see and understand your past, present and future this chakra must be finely tuned – it is essentially the third eye. Your window to clairvoyance, providing vision that is beyond seeing!

The Throat – Visuddha – I speak up

As you’d expect from the throat chakra, at the heart of this is communication – in all its forms. Importantly, it also represents honesty, spiritual truth and an ability to listen as well as speak. ‘Psychic Hearing’ is enhanced through this chakra.

The Sacral – Svadhisthana – I feel/I want

Your creativity, your sexuality and your emotions all feed from this chakra. When this chakra is balanced your energy will explode, and you will be propelled into action.

May Offer

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