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What does your Aura colour say about you?

Aura Colours

An Aura is described as a human energy field, that is made up of wavy colourful outlines surrounding the body. The shape and colour will change often, impacted by mood, thoughts and feelings.

Colours are not always seen as bright hues, sometimes they may be very light/pale, other times a bit murky or blurred.

Here are some interpretations for the rainbow of colours, that you might see in auras:


Anxiety, anger, obsession, unforgiving and finance concerns.


Romance, compassion, dishonesty, immaturity and clairaudient abilities.


Creative, intense, social, stressed and possibly struggling with addictions.


Positive, hopeful, fear of someone else having control, and psychic awareness.


Inspired, a spiritual awakening is likely.


Analytical, self-critical, stressed and possibly undergoing training/studying.


A bright green denotes a healer of some kind, they are loving and centred.


A dark or murky green represents jealousy, low self-esteem and insecurities.


Intuitive, expressive, honest, generous, spiritual with clairvoyant abilities.


Fear – of the future, of speaking out, of self-expression and mystical with clairaudient gifts.


There is a strong need for attention and a desperation for love.


Purity and truth.


Negativity, someone or something needs to be forgiven. There are past hurts. There may be feelings of grief.

Other aura colour combinations to look out for:

Folk often believe that Archangel Michael is standing close to the Aura field, when a combination of blue and purple colours are seen.

Sometimes a rainbow of colourful stripes is seen around the body, head or even hands. In this situation it is likely that the person has healing qualities. Although they may not be aware of their special gifts.