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Aries: Spotlight on this Zodiac Sign


Aries are of course the first sign of the zodiac; and they are hard to ignore! Aries are not known for their subtlety, they are literally the definition of ‘what you see, is what you get’. They are powerful and dynamic, they know their own minds, and they are not afraid to speak up.

Aries – The Ram

The icon of Aries is of course the ram, and like that animal – they literally charge about! They will butt heads with others, and like to win – in any competition, actual or perceived…

Born to Lead

As a star sign, they are born to lead, their independent streak and the fact they like to tackle things on a solo basis, will always make them better leaders than followers. Aries are fine in a team, as long as they have the final say so!

Arians are an optimistic sign, and don’t dwell on anything that goes wrong – they just dust themselves down and keep on moving. They do innovate, and this often helps them to change course before something has gone wrong anyway. They can seem rash, and they do make quick decisions, something that can annoy others – especially as often their instincts are spot-on.

Aries Personality

The Aries has a dry sense of humour, airing more towards sarcasm than plain funny. Being empathetic is not their strong suit, but they will protect and fight for those they care about, and will air on the side of the underdog.

People are drawn to Aries, for the excitement they bring. They both work and play hard. You will always know where you stand with an Aries, they are honest, and value freedom of speech. They are generous by nature, and are neither moody or introspective. Every now and then you might see just a hint of vulnerability.


Aries is however a restless sign; they don’t always see things through or persevere if they think the end result is not going to be what they want. This can get them into trouble with work colleagues, loved ones and friends – as they may not consider the impact their decisions are having on others.

The Thrill

The thrill of the chase is a pull to Aries, so gambling, especially with money comes naturally to them. They have a tendency to want everything now, and making quick money is no different.

This zodiac sign is at its happiest when they are active and doing something exhilarating.