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Angel Healing

Angel Healing

If you find yourself struggling in life, you may want to call upon an angel to obtain support, guidance and wisdom. Requesting Angel Healing should be considered an invitation, not a demand. You may find that it helps you to write down what sort of support you need from them. It doesn’t need to be formal or fancy – write from the heart.

Below, we explore which angel to turn to, depending on the problem you are experiencing and the type of guidance you need.

Choose Archangel Chamuel for emotional support and matters of the heart

This Archangel rules over the Heart Chakra and can help heal your emotions, creating a sense of inner peace and bringing about balance.

Chamuels colour is all shades of pink, so; you could work with Rose Quartz crystal or light a pink candle to enhance communication.

Archangel Chamuel rules the angels of love, and as so if you are searching for a life partner; or are struggling in an existing relationship, then this is the angel for you. Ask for his help when you need to enhance communication with your loved one; and when harmony needs restoring to your heart and love life.

Choose Archangel Jophiel for education and learning

Jophiel is the ultimate illuminator, making her the perfect angel to call upon if you need support with studying; and taking dreaded exams!

If you are hitting a brick wall with revision, remembering details, learning new data, and so on – then Archangel Jophiel will connect you to your higher self. Through Archangel Jophiel, your creativity will be enhanced. Your body and mind will align, and any mental fog will clear.

Why not try using a lemon essential oil when contacting this angel to increase the energising feel and provide mental clarity.

Choose Archangel Michael when you feel in need of protection

I’m sure many of us will have contacted Archangel Michael; in an hour of need. His name translates as ‘Who is like God’, and he represents the will of God – meaning faith, protection and truth! Call on this angel to feel strong and empowered.

For maximum effect, write your note to Michael in a gold pen and communicate on a Sunday, invoking the impact of the Sun planet.

Choose Archangel Raphael when you have a health-concern

You may turn to Raphael for the healing of others, and you may also seek angel healing for yourself. This Archangels name means ‘God has healed’. Why not incorporate essential oils as part of an angel ritual. Lavender to invoke regeneration and star anise for ridding negative energies. If you see a white bird or feather – you will know your angelic request was received!

Choose Archangel Zadkiel if your spirituality is waning

Zadkiel is an angel of mercy and guardian of the violet flame, providing both angel healing and spiritual transformation. Ask Archangel Zadkiel for support when you are struggling with spiritual wisdom; and when you feel like you just can’t let go of painful experiences and emotions.

Ash, Cedar and Oak trees are all associated with Zadkiel, so why not take a walk in nature and utilise the time to communicate with this spiritual angel.