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What do we mean by…

Spiritual Bird in Flight

Spiritual Energy

Atoms in the comos are all made up of energy – this is a neutral energy, neither good nor bad! But when we talk about spiritual energy we are talking about something that is difficult to define and explain – it is a life-force that combines the body & soul. Each of us will have a strong energy for life – an individual essence if you like, that forms our characters and links to Spirit.

Spirit Guides

Psychics and mediums are highly attuned to the presence of their spirit guides and guardians, but each of us will have them. They can be animals or people; who at one time have lived on Earth. Just like Guardian Angels they are there to help us; but they have a strong belief in free will, and as such they will not interfere – it is up to you to know when to ask for their guidance.

The Higher Self

Often ‘ the soul’ is interchanged with ‘the Higher Self’; for many all living creatures will have a soul, and this soul is affected by everything we do, the people we have in our lives, the things we experience etc. The soul will remember our past lives and as such creates a pattern for our lives, in each lifetime we will develop new abilities to take advantage of the lessons we have learnt before.


Transcendence describes us passing from one stage to another in terms of our spiritual development. Our souls connect with God or a Higher Power and bring us to a higher state of awareness. This lets us see our problems more clearly, lets us overcome obstacles and we deal with issues easier.