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The Guardian Angel’s Journal, Carolyn Jess-Cooke

The Guardian Angel's Journal Book

Following a PhD at Queen’s University, Carolyn Jess-Cooke took up a lectureship in Film Studies at the University of Sunderland. She has published non-fiction books in Film Studies and Shakespeare and is the author of the multi award-winning collection of poetry INROADS. Her debut novel is called The Guardian Angel’s Journal.

The book is about Margot Delacroix who dies at forty years old, she is sent back to earth as a guardian angel – to herself. Renamed Ruth, she is forced by divine mandate to re-experience and record her biggest mistakes and fiercest regrets from the beginning of her life to her untimely death.

Forced from the moment of her birth to witness the cogs of fate and the stuttering engine of free will, Ruth sets out to change the course of her life, and, ultimately, to prevent her premature death. When she realises that the reasons behind her teenage son’s descent into drugs and murder lay within her own actions as Margot, she makes a pact with a demon – she will give up her place in Heaven in exchange for the opportunity to save her son from his fate. But the changes she makes result in consequences no one could expect…

The novel really gets you thinking about fate and destiny and gives fascinating insight into what life might be like for guardian angels. The book has been well received:

‘An incredible debut novel…This is The Lovely Bones meets It’s a Wonderful Life. Fabulous’ Sun

‘The Guardian Angel’s Journal is a beautiful and captivating novel. Jess-Cooke’s writing dramatically conjures majestic images of guardian angels, whilst the subject matter also provides the reader with ample food for thought…A powerful novel, that captivates from start to finish’ Ulster Tatler