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Sensing Your Aura

Aura Hand Reading

Readers with the clairvoyant gift are often able to see a person’s aura naturally with minimal effort, but for many of us it takes a little longer to finesse the art.

If you would like to try and sense your own aura, then try and follow these steps:

It is good to start by trying to sense the aura around your hands only, as opposed to your whole body. Do not expect too much too fast, the chances are to begin with you will only see the etheric body – which is the aura that is closest to your physical body. With time your sensing ability will develop so you can see all of the layers of your aura.

Start by sitting in a comfortable place, ideally you want to face a wall that has nothing on it and is neutral in colour. A bright room is ideal, but not in direct sunlight or from artificial light. You want to feel grounded and balanced before you begin – you can get into this state by whatever means suits you – meditation, visualisation etc.

Firstly, take your right arm and stretch it out in front of you, leaving the back of your hand facing you. Let your eyes relax, try not to concentrate hard on ether your hand or wall, but see the space between your splayed fingers.

You are likely to see your aura, around your fingers – appearing as either a white or grey fuzzy colour. With continued looking the colour is likely to change – most often to blue.

When you are ready you can try an exercise that allows you to view the aura around your head:

This exercise uses a mirror, but you may need to find one in your house and move its location, so that you have a neutral and blank wall behind you.

Stand in front of the mirror and again ground yourself by whatever means works for you.

Let your eyes relax, try to look at the space above and around your head, but not in a too focused way. You should first see a hazy grey or white outline, but again if you stay looking this should turn colour, most likely blue again.

You have now managed to see the etheric body on both your hands and your head!

Ref: The Psychic’s Bile, Jane Struthers