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Sand Reading


If you find yourself on a beach this summer why not try a bit of Sand Reading…Native Americans were the pioneers in sand painting. They had dirt floors in their homes, they had access to multi-coloured sand and we able to paint pictures on their floors. A psychic would then interpret these paintings based on the vibration of the painting and by the images.

In a typical sand reading, the seeker is advised to let their mind wander and then gently create a pattern in the sand; the psychic then interprets the symbols in the sand based on both the energies of the sand and the seeker and gives various solutions to his/her problems.

Try this process yourself – Stare at the sand and let your eyes go out of focus like they do in a day-dream. Your minds eye may conjure up images for you to interpret or you can follow the same steps as above and draw unconsciously in the sand. The images you draw are the images that have been sent to you. Ask your questions and let your mind go, pay attention to the thoughts inside your head and the vibrations emitted by you and your images and you will get the answers to your life’s problems and the questions in your heart.