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Broadly speaking there are four different categories of psychic ability. None of them are better than the other – just different. Most psychics find they naturally lean to one or two of these talents.


Is probably the most widely known skill and it means “clear seeing”, it describes the ability to se spirit forms either in the minds eye or as a materialisation.


Meaning “clear feeling” is the ability to tune into other peoples emotional or psychical distress just as if it were happening to them. This can also be looked on as highly tuned intuition.


The gift of “clear hearing” is when the person hears as though they are listening to the spirit talking next to or near to them.


Is probably the least well known skill and means “clear knowing” defined as the ability to know things without being told them.

When you are choosing a psychic or medium to work with it can help to know what type of person you are and what sense you favour:

Auditory people respond to what they hear, they may run conversations in their head when making decisions.

Visual people think in a series of pictures, they may say things like – “I see what you mean” or “I get the picture”

Kinaesthetic people may need to touch something to aid their understanding.

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