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Positive Mental Attitude

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About 70 years ago author – Napoleon Hill coined the phrase “that the mind can conceive, the will can achieve”. This statement is just as true today, and is the foundation of positive mental attitude or positive thinking.

Psychologists say that we tend to act out our attitudes, for example a hospital patient that spent all day worrying about their condition would recover more slowly than a patient who focuses on what is right with them and the good progress that are making.

This thought process goes further to say you will attract what you expect, so if you think the best will happen to you – it will, but if you anticipate the worst – you will be right. Look at this scenario, a young child carrying a tray of soft drinks is managing just fine, until a well meaning adult says “don’t drop it.” The child immediately picks up on the word ‘drop’, and the inevitable happens.

Self Talk

Sometimes Positive Mental Attitude is referred to as ‘Self Talk’ it identifies that our perceptions of ourselves are based on what we tell ourselves or put more simply – our attitudes determines our behaviours.

Research suggests that the amount of negative feedback we receive is twice that of any positive feedback.

To counteract these thoughts, we should challenge our thoughts each day. So you might have said, “I can’t do that,” where as now would say “I choose not to do that right now.”

January is the perfect time to harness Positive Thinking; those that do are much more likely to be successful in fulfilling any New Year’s resolutions.