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Hi, I’m psychic reader Aelissa – PIN: 4444. When I have some spare time I love to work with my pendulums. Most people look at this as a quick fix for a yes or no answer which it can be, but its uses are much more varied than that. The common consensus is that a pendulum swings to the right for a yes answer and to the left for a no answer. As the pendulums I use are crystal based, each has its own individual balance. I find it is best to check first by asking a question that you know the answer to which has no variable. 

Different crystals have different energies and depending on what types of answers you are looking for its more effective to use a crystal that complements the questions that you are asking, i.e. Rose Quartz for love or Citrine for money. Pendulums can be bought in metal too, but I find that generally they work outdoors best for dowsing (copper is the metal for Venus and can be used for questions in regards to relationships). My favourite pendulum is a silver basket that opens, allowing me to change the crystal inside, my crystal of choice is Moldovite which I’ve not yet seen in pendulum form – the basket allows me to use lesser known crystals. 

Pendulums are also great for finding things that are lost. I find that volcanic crystals i.e. Hermatite work best for me – walk about the area where you believe the lost item is – the pull will be faint at first and grow stronger as you draw closer to what you have lost. They can be used in this way outside to look for treasure, although I have never done this.

By writing or drawing diagrams pendulums can be used to confirm more multiple-choice questions i.e. the weather. Write your options on a piece of paper, still your mind and feel the pull of the pendulum. Or you can hold your pendulum over a written question and let it draw you to a yes or no answer.

My favourite use for my pendulum is past life questions – chart out a diagram using centuries only first, when drawn to a certain century then write out the years – multiples of ten – then single numbers to give you a precise date. When you have the date, spread out a world atlas, once you have found the country focus there to find the area or individual city. This will give you an idea of when and where you’ve been born before. Different diagrams can give you knowledge of whether you were male or female, age, when you died, rich or poor, what your home was like, trade, how many children you had, basically anything that you need to know…

If you mediate on the answers you get you’ll receive a fuller insight into the lives that you’ve had. Scents can aid visualisations of different time periods. Think about what would be apt for the period concerned (some ancient Egyptian incense?). Try using Rhodocrosite for past life soul mate connections.

Hope you have fun with your pendulums and enjoy an increased knowledge of who you once were or find something that was lost.