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New Year Spell


What once upon a time might have been called a spell, might now be referred to as manifesting.

Essentially manifesting, is the art of bringing something or someone into your life through positive thinking. But it would be nice to think that a little sprinkling of magic was also at play…

There are often common themes for manifesting, and many of them tie in with New Year resolutions, which is why January is the perfect time to hone your positive thinking skills. Your goal, might relate to your career or specifically a new job, clearing down debt, or general prosperity. Replacing a car, buying or renting a new home, finding good health and leading a better lifestyle ref exercise, diet, smoking, drinking… You might want to improve your confidence, make new friends, meet your soul-mate. Or perhaps you are on a more spiritual journey, wanting to travel or push yourself to try new things!

The Key

As you might expect creating a successful manifestation is all in the mind! You have to go into the exercise truly believing that your goals can be achieved and that you will get the desired end result.

The 4 Steps to Succes

The goal you choose firstly should not harm anyone, it should be something that is attainable, and a time frame should be set, which should be a reasonable period.

You should always be confident. If you have selected something that doesn’t follow the rules in step one, and you go into it thinking that you either won’t achieve it or worse you don’t deserve it, then the manifestation will fail. You should feel in your heart that this is something that you merit and that it is a good thing for you.

It is possible that your manifestation may have an unexpected result. You won’t always achieve things exactly as they were in your minds eye. Therefore, you should enter any manifestation with open arms, fully prepared to accept the results.

Once the manifestation is complete – put it out of your mind. Dwelling on it will not make it happen any quicker. Go about your daily routines and when the time is right you will recognise that the manifestation opportunity has arisen or has been completed.