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Is Your Cat Trying To Tell You Something?


If you are trying to become more intuitive where your cat is concerned, you would do well to learn a little about their body language. Firstly if your cat will show you their stomach then there is trust between you.


  • A tail straight up in the air = a contented cat, friendly and recognises you.
  • A tail curved over the back = a very happy cat.
  • A tail flicking from side to side = indecision.
  • A tail swishing back and forth quickly = a very agitated cat.
  • A tail with hairs standing on all ends = very defensive.


  • Ears pointed forward and slightly outwards = a relaxed cat.
  • Pricked up ears pointed straight = an alert cat.
  • Twitching and erect ears = an anxious cat.
  • Flat ears against his skull = defensive (aggressive if ears are still visible from the front).

Lastly whiskers; a notable dowser and British scientist called T.C Lethbridge believed cats whiskers were like divining rods. Enabling the cat to tune into their surroundings / situation and read what was there. The whiskers are very sensitive and if relaxed you will notice them fairly close together. When your cat is alert they should point forward and be fanned out and if he’s defensive they will be bunched up and pressed against his cheeks.