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Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs

If you are growing herbs in your garden or buying them to cook with, then you are likely already aware of how pretty them can be, and just how magically they can transform a home cooked dish. But you might not be aware of the more spiritual properties they are associated with.

Why not try these herbs?

Rosemary for example has long been used in magic, but also as an essential oil or as incense. It is associated with star sign Leo and planet – The Sun. It is known for its healing abilities, providing mental clarity, strength, stress relief, improved memory, protection and love and also has a purifying and healing energy.

Thyme can again be used as an essential oil, or the leaves can be burned as a form of incense, it can be consumed as a tea, or used in a poultice. It is the herb of ‘psychic wisdom’, is it associated with the planet Venus, element – water and star signs Taurus and Libra. This herb provides a healing detoxification and is associated with love and recovery.

Lavender is often used in a dried form to make a home smell nice, and also to induce sleep. It is an herb associated with beauty, relaxation and cleansing. It offers protection, love and intuition. Connected to the planet Mercury, element Air and star signs Gemini and Virgo.

Sandalwood is an aromatic herb, and one more closely associated with perfumes, it embodies spirituality and was once considered quite a ‘hippy’, ‘witchy’ herb! It represents psychic protection, well-being, purification and harmony. Element – water, planets – The Moon and The Sun and star signs Cancer, Leo and Pisces.

Cinnamon is often used in baking, and has a lovely fragrance, you might associate it with all things ‘American’, with Christmas, decorations, as sticks for use in hot drinks or as a spice. It is fact a spice and an herb. It is also produced as an oil that can be used sparingly on the body. It is associated with the planet – The Sun, element – fire and star signs Aries and Leo. It is very much about love, passion and lust!

Mugwort may not be an herb you are as familiar with, but it is very closely connected to psychic awareness – intuition, visions, and all forms of divination. It does have a toxic element, so should be used with care. Its element is – earth and star sign Libra.

Ref: The Witch’s Journal, Selene Silverwind