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Guardian Animals - Dolphins

Dolphins in some cultures are called King of the Fishes and have long been considered sacred and a saviour and guide to souls in the underworld.

Apollo the Sun God is closely associated with the Dolphin in the classical world with dolphin depicted in relief on the walls of his temple in Delhi. As Apollo Delphinos he is said to assume the form of the dolphin. Within Greek culture the dolphin was associated with marriage, between the Earth Mother Gaia and the masculine Sun God. They write about music loving dolphins and there are several stories where the dolphins save people from drowning who otherwise would have died, Orion (immortal hunter) and Telemachus (son of Odysseus) among them. So it is not a surprise that both Greek and Roman Sea Gods – Neptune and Poseidon emblems are of dolphins. Woman of the Sea Aphrodite along with nymphs and nereids are also often depicted as riding on dolphins.

Native Americans on the other hand see dolphins as envoys, representing the great spirit carrying messages between one world and the next.

Christians sometimes use a dolphin to replace ordinary fish when depicting Christ. In religious symbolism a ship or anchor with a dolphin represents the Great Ship of the Christian Church. The crucifixion is depicted via a dolphin pierced with a trident or hung upon an anchor.

Roman writer Pliny wrote “the dolphin is the swiftest of all other living creatures…” Acting as a psychopomp (guide of souls whose responsibility it is to escort newly deceased souls to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply provide safe passage.)