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Gold Healing

Gold Healing

You might not think about gold as having healing properties but in fact it has been used for centuries. The Egyptians were the first to discover its medicinal properties and would actually ingest the metal to solve emotional and physical problems, to purify the body and spirit.

Gold is ruled by the Sun and has potent masculine properties. Its energy is further enhanced when coupled with other crystals or minerals particularly topaz and rubies. Early references have gold being used to aid arthritis pains and now it is used for chemical imbalances, eczema and digestive illnesses.

Gold can easily be encompassed into our lives in the form of jewellery. Wearers should feel an increase in confidence and self worth. It should inspire creativity, release tension and attract good energy. It is a great thing to both give and receive as a gift, helping to strengthen a bond between two people and boost wisdom and health.