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Flower Meanings


Summer is a fantastic time to get out into the garden, flowers have hidden special meanings, and in times gone by bouquets could be used to convey a certain message particularly amongst loved ones. Once you know the meanings, whether you are planning on planting a flower bed, or picking out a bunch of flowers, you can communicate a whole series of thoughts and feelings through each bloom you pick – like a living letter.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still grow plants in-doors, use a kitchen windowsill or a small outdoor space like a patio with planters.

Flowers & Their Meanings:

Apple Blossom – You are lovely, all that is beauty and goodness.

Bluebell – Faithfulness

Buttercup – Luminous

Camellia – Radiance

Carnations – These flowers express feelings, red for love, white for affection and pink when encouragement is needed.

Cherry Blossom – Like the name – a friendship should blossom.

Chrysanthemums – Like carnations, different colours express different meanings: red means love is reciprocated, yellow is discouraging and bronze is for friendship.

Cornflower – Delicate

Crocus – Youthful

Daisy – They may learn to love you!

Evening Primrose – Mutual devotion

Forget-me-not – This is exactly as it sounds – remembrance of someone during absence.

Foxglove – This may feel like love, but it is shallow and not real.

Gardenia – Agreeably sweet

Geranium – Another with different meanings per colour: pink – there is doubt; actions may need to be explained! Scarlet red – Maybe there is duplicitous actions – the trust is not there. White – a mind is not yet made up – undecided.

Hawthorn – There is hope – maybe they will win your love, they will keep trying…

Honeysuckle – You have their heart!

Hyacinth – Blue is for devotion and white is for admiration.

Iris – There is much passion!

Ivy – As you might expect of this climber – you are bound and bonded together – connected.

Jasmine – Elegance

Lavender – There is ‘like’ but not ‘love’.

Purple Lilac – First love

Lily of the Valley – Friendship

Narcissus – As you might expect this means ‘self-love’!

Orange Blossom – Purity

Orchid – Luxury

Petunia – Wanting to be near you…

Primrose – They may learn to love you.

Roses – When it comes to roses you really only want red – for passionate love, white is really a refusal, a sign that they do not love you and yellow means your affections are misplaced.

Snowdrops – For the one you cannot forget.

Sunflowers – They are seen as showy, and they represent ostentation, but really that means you are a ‘knock out’!

Tigerlily – True passion, your love knows no bounds…

Tulip – A declaration of your passion.

Wallflower – Perhaps the loveliest of all – a constant – meaning ‘I am yours until the end of time’.

Ref: Discover Your Sixth Sense, Julie Soskin