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Celestite Crystal

Celestite or Celestine as it is sometimes known is a soft blue mineral with an ethereal quality – it is a great stone for meditation, quiet contemplation and it has a calming and uplifting effect. One thing that you would not expect from this stone is its use in fireworks and flares, in total contrast to its normal blue colour when it is burnt it turns bright red.

Celestite can be found on every continent, but the best ones come from Madagascar. The most sought after stones are sky blue in colour, but they can also be found in green, yellow, red and orange. They should be kept apart from other stones in your collection as they are very soft and easily damaged. For this reason they lend themselves better to things like Ether Net exercises rather than wearing as jewellery. Celestite affects the Throat and Crown Chakras and has a good influence on the soul. If your mood feels heavy or you are experiencing sadness then this would be a great stone to turn to.

To perform an Ether Net, lie on a white cloth, lay out seven groups of Celestite – one above your head, one at either side of your feet and the others evenly spaced. Lie in the net for 5-10 minutes. The feeling of space that you create will give you the opportunity to tune into your spiritual state and encourage your artistic creative side and communication skills. Lying in the ether net can allow you to lift the world from your shoulders, lighten emotional burdens you are carrying and dissolve negative habits that are attached to your auric field.

The creative elements and the association with the throat chakra make this stone a great choice for those with careers that need open and honest communication, possibly public speaking, attention to detail, problem solving, foresight and will-power, maybe PR jobs or sales, but equally fine art work, music, writing, graphic design etc. Even if you do not have these types of jobs you may find it helpful in your career should you have to make a presentation or in your home-life should you have to address a crowd for example at a wedding.

In your personal life if you tend to sabotage your relationships or talk yourself out of going for your dreams then this is the stone for you. It will strengthen your inner confidence, give you courage and clarify the things you want for yourself. It will allow you to swap negative emotions such as regret and anger for more productive emotions such as love and compassion.

Last but by no means least this stone is one of the most effective in facilitating contact with the angelic realm. The crystal will enhance your connection and allow you to clearly communicate with your guardian angel and guides. You should remember your dreams more vividly and feel more connected to your instinct.