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Are You Dreaming of Angels?

Dream Angels

What do Angels represent to you? The heavenly realm or a guardian of goodness and protection perhaps…If you dream of angels what might it mean? Well, Angels are divine messengers which are probably trying to help your forge a new path in life, but first you must take a good look at yourself. Assess your qualities, look at the support you have around you, determine if you are looking for the right things in life and whether happiness and love is important to you.

Dreaming about Angels is normally taken as a sign of good luck, but at the same time it represents your desire to connect on an emotional level, a longing for guidance and a wish for more harmony in your life.

Dream interpretation is subjective, but your subconscious mind will know the details that are important to remember. Generally these dreams will occur around milestones in your life, for example if you are getting married a visit from an angel will mean an excellent married life together, if you are single it means you are going to find a loving and devoted partner. If you have been ill or have financial difficulties then an Angel dream means your circumstances will improve.

Some people also believe that Angels visit when there will be or has been a birth or a death amongst your family or close friends. But overall an Angel dream should be a source of comfort, a symbol that happiness and success in reaching the major goals in your life is within your reach and that the possibility of friendship and love exists for you. With their guidance you will find inner peace.