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Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

The name Chamuel comes from the Hebrew word ‘lenachem’ meaning comfort and compassion; which is very fitting for the Archangel Chamuel known as angel of the heart or loving one.

Chamuel is the perfect angel to call upon to bring romance in to your life and to permeate your existing relationships with friends and loved ones with flawless unreserved love. If you are suffering after a relationship breakdown then Chamuel can help release the sorrow from your heart, call on her to guide you in to more balanced and nourishing partnerships.

If you and your loved one are struggling with niggles and disagreements then Chamuel can help you to open your heart chakra, to release stubborn and negative emotions so that you can let go of the hurt and forgive any misunderstandings and move on in a much more harmonious together way.