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The Heart Line: Palmistry

Heart Line

Palmistry – The Heart Line

For many people, their first experience; of a psychic reading is through having their palm read. Equally, many psychics start here – often with this art form passed down from generation to generation.

What intrigues people the most about palm readings is what a reader can tell them about their Heart Line and their romantic life.

So, what does the Heart Line tell us?

• First and foremost, it can determine how well a person connects with their own emotions.

• It looks at how the person expresses their emotions to others.

• The line can give clues; as to whether their love life will be happy and plain sailing or rocky and unhappy.

Where to Start?

The reader will begin by looking at the Heart Line and determining the quality of the line, the shape, breaks in the line, and where the line ends. These things combined will give the reader a good idea of the person’s emotional energy.

Four Possible Endings

Although the Heart Line begins in the same place for everyone (on the outer edge of the hand), it can end in four different locations, and each means something different:

• If it ends under the middle finger (Saturn) – this is the shortest type of Heart Line. The person likely takes their emotions seriously, but their range of emotions and ability to show those emotions to others may be limited.

• Ending in between the (Saturn & Jupiter Mounts); then this querent will feel their emotions deeply, and they are passionate people. They are loyal and have a healthy dose of common sense.

• Finishing in the midpoint of the first finger (Jupiter); then they likely have a idealistic romanticised view of love – which may lead to disappointment. However, they are emotionally resilient.

• Concluding at the other side of the palm creates the longest Heart Line. This person will feel the gauntlet of emotions. Others might accuse them of being immature in matters of the heart, possibly due to their jealous and demanding tendencies!

Wavy or Level?

The Heart Line itself may be straight, meaning the querent may struggle to tell others how they feel and; they may appear insensitive. The line is often curved; these people have friendly dispositions, and others may describe them as warm. For others, the line will have a deep curve – and they would be; thought of as sensitive and easily hurt emotionally.

Palm Positioning

Lastly, a reader considers where the Heart Line is positioned on the palm:

• If the line is close to the finger base, then; the person tends to be outgoing and sociable. Others are drawn to them, and they are entertaining. However, they often have an uncompromising idea of what a relationship should look like.

• The line sometimes appears between the head line and the base of the fingers. This person is level-headed, and can temper their emotions and communicate well with others.

• Lastly, the position of the line could be close to the head line. In this case, whilst the person may feel their feelings strongly – they will likely struggle to express them to others.