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Summerland Part 1


One of our readers imagines Heaven:

Summerland, Heaven, Paradise, call it what you like, if you believe in it, it’s all good. No worries, no stress or fears, in essence a place for children and gentler elders, angels and spirits of purity and love.

There are visions of paradise on this earthly plane all around us. If you seek that vision of a perfect place, you may well get lucky and see it in the corner of your eye. A sneak preview for the few of us who truly believe that there is a special place in the afterlife, especially if we can see it. Or have glimpses of it when we open ourselves up to it, when we connect to the promise and the possibility of the perfect spiritual reality via its portals – a picturesque gateway to the place we are going to.

Doing the work to get there, if even just in your imagination is half the job done. Being patient with the people who matter and overcoming the obstacles of their stress and their fears is also a part of the admission to the absolute real place of the higher spiritual plane.

For myself I have started to see clear visions of Summerland, as some call it, very clearly in my psychic and spiritual visions. The first time for me was late last year, just before Christmas, way out in the countryside near and around to an ancient burial ground as old as Stonehenge. I was thinking that I would open my psychic mind to the area, knowing well that there was resurgence in walking the old pathways dedicated to the female deities of the old ways and the new. These ancient Celtic pathways are now coming to light again throughout the millenniums time of renewal within old festive traditions.

So as I opened up my mind, to see what I could see: the whole landscape to my left became a perfect vision of an astral paradise, with wild flowers covering the ground as far as the eye could see. There were these tall women, dressed in angelic clothing, with long hair. Fifteen foot tall is what they appeared to be at the time. I’m not sure if I had shrunken in size in comparison or if it was just how they appeared in my vision. But they were all walking in step and singing a beautiful song together to the timing of their feet; each step they took brought them closer to their warm sunlit destiny. Surrounded by spirit children giggling and flying around these mysterious majestic women like cherubs; playing with the whirling orbs of bright silver, and gold streaks spinning, shooting and darting in the air like swallows in full flight.

Come back next week for part 2…