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Social Media - Connecting Us Or Pulling Us Apart?

couple social media

The whole concept of social networks is based on connecting people together, and in a modern day world where family and friends are spread across the country and even the globe it sounds like a fantastic idea.

When Slater & Gordon (a firm of lawyers), conducted a survey amongst 2000 people this year, their research backed up a worrying trend that they had seen for social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat etc. to be cited as a partial reason for divorce.

Furthermore, it seems those that were married did not necessarily fully trust their partners. With 50% of the people checking their partners accounts secretly, 14% of them looking for signs of infidelity.

One in five of those surveyed argued about their online activities at least once a week, and in 17% of the people that rose to a daily spat!
So – what is the solution then? Perhaps a social media contract – defining what is and is not acceptable behaviour: Is it okay to look up/follow old flames? Is it okay to snoop on each other’s accounts? You may want to put time limits in place for how long you spend looking/updating. Have a photo policy – what are you comfortable seeing/posting…Maybe choose a neutral time to discuss anything you’ve seen each week – it is easy to misinterpret what you see…

At the end of the day each couple will be different – only you know what the boundaries should be. A few simple rules might just save your marriage:
When you are angry – type it out, but sleep on it before posting (you can’t take it back).

If you are thinking to yourself – I’m not sure about this post/picture, you are probably right. Trust your gut and check with your partner.

These sites are great for many things – but they are not worth losing your relationship over. Think about what you are posting, so you don’t join the 1 in 7 siting online activities as a reason for divorce.