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Pagan Lifestyle - Karen explains her interest, PIN: 5791

Pagan Karen


My name is Karen and I have worked as a medium for many years. Here I explain a little bit about my Pagan lifestyle. I was brought up in the 60s and I went to church and Sunday school and had a lovely childhood with my parents and siblings.


As a child I didn’t not really enjoy school and liked being on my own as I was very sensitive and shy. At the age of twelve we moved areas and I attended a much larger secondary modern high school. During school lessons which I found boring I would drift off daydreaming about other realms. I would drive myself crazy wondering about what happens once we pass on. Where do we go and why do we die, what was the point of living! I had only two subjects I loved: history and needlework, I wanted to go to art college, sadly it did not happen and I ended up working in the rag trade!

The teenage years

As a teenager I made my own Ouija board and got friends to join in and communicate with Spirit. At that stage it was just a bit of fun for them, but my interest grew. I read as much as I could about the Occult, Paganism and witchcraft. I latched on to Paganism and lost interest in the Church of England and my upbringing.

Pagan interest began

Pagans love nature and the earth and celebrate the seasons. My interest grew in areas like stone circles, I read many books on Stonehenge and the reasons behind why they were built. My thoughts are they were the first churches and got people together to understand more of the world and its mysteries.

Married life

Growing up I got on with my life and married, so as my life got busier and I had three children to raise, all my energy went into them and my husband! My marriage was not happy but we stuck together for twenty-two years and then drifted apart. He did not share my interest and I knew that I was being called in another direction.

Spiritualist Church

Therfore I spent all of my free time at the local spiritualist church. Sadly, I lost my mother just before my marriage broke down. If it was not for the support, I received at these meetings I dread to think of the outcome. At that point I made a decision to put all my effort into the spiritualist church. sitting in circles and also studying counselling and healing. I met some lovely people who understood grief and life’s problems.

Pagan Lifestyle

I got friendly with like-minded folk and my interest in witchcraft grew and I wanted to try and make people understand witches are not evil and stop the idea that they harm. It is totally untrue and they were simply women who loved nature, herbs and healing.

Many of my friends are witches and I find them to be the most caring people you could meet. Most importantly, I have hope that in time to come it will be more acceptable and the stigma of being Pagan will be removed.

Meanwhile, until that day comes, I will enjoy my Pagan witch lifestyle and I will continue to support those in need of comfort and healing through my work.