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You might wonder where the word Mermaid comes from, it is believed to have derived from an Old English word ‘mere’, meaning lake or sea, and was coupled with the word ‘maid’, as you’d expect meaning woman.

Half Woman/Half Fish

Mermaids are almost always depicted as women, who are human on the top half, and fish on the bottom half. You have to go back to ca. 1,000 BC for the first reference to a mermaid type creature, in the form of a Goddess – Atargatis.


Whilst there are many myths and folklore surrounding the mermaid around the globe, a common theme amongst them is romantic love and relationships. This is perhaps not as surprising as you imagine, when you consider Mermaids and the association of water as an element. 


The water element can be mirrored in many emotional aspects, bodies of water can be both calm and rocky – mimicking the up and downs that relationships have. Equally seas, lakes, streams etc, can be shallow or run very deep. Just like our depth of feelings for another.

Animal Spirit

It may be that you feel a connection to Mermaids, perhaps they are even your spirit animal. Possibly you even have an element of Mermaid within you?

Read on to find out…

Are you drawn to water? Whether you swim regularly in a pool, or outdoors, or yearn to be by the beach. Perhaps you feel at your best and heal emotionally when you are near water. It could be as simple as hearing a stream trickle, to sitting by a fountain.

Do you like being the centre of attention, is dressing up all shiny and glossy like a Mermaid right up your street? Maybe you have a bit of mermaid in your soul. Letting you feel radiant and glowing with confidence when you have an adoring audience.

Do you have the emotions of a Mermaid, they are often portrayed as being highly sensitive to others pain and feelings and of being very compassionate? Do you regularly put others first, and take on the feelings of others to soothe away their problems?