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Interpreting ‘Will’

Karmic Will

We talk about will in the context of having ‘our own free will’, an ability to choose and decide what we should say and do in any given situation.

But what you may not realise is that there are four recognised types of will, and that your unique personality plays a part in which type you lean towards.

Strong Will

Strong will is exactly as it sounds, when you use this type you are a force to be reckoned with. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is a perfect saying to describe this type of will. When using this type of will, you are direct and compelling, using your skills to get the outcome you want. It can be a very positive type of will, as long as you are using it to gain achievements that are not at the expense of others – just be careful that compelling yourself, does not go alongside bullying others to get what you want…

Skilful Will

As you might expect when applying a skilful will, you are having to be a little more artful and thoughtful about achieving your aims. Perhaps you have to turn on the charm, or go about a situation in an indirect way. It is quite likely in this situation that your will is not obvious, your means are more stealth like. In certain situations skilful will may be called for, but be sure to use it wisely as family, friends or colleagues don’t take kindly to feeling like they have been manipulated.

Karmic Will

“Reap what you sow”, is a quick way of demonstrating karmic will – a belief that there is a cause and effect in the world, and so past actions will eventually catch up with you. Often this type of will is viewed quite negatively “what goes around comes around”…but in reality it is just a reminder that we should try hard to make the best decisions we can at any given time with the information that we have available at that time, as ultimately what we do and say today will impact our future.

Divine Will

Often when a client contacts a psychic reader it is for a connection with ‘divine will’, this type of will is all powerful. It is about you linking with a higher power and becoming more in-touch with your spiritual self. It joins universal and personal will together.

Now that you are aware of the different types of will, when faced with a situation, you can consciously decide which type of will to apply, maybe your default is strong will, but skilful will would get you a better outcome!

Ref: Discover Your Sixth Sense, Julie Soskin